Best sat-nav apps 2015

Best sat-nav apps
9 Apr, 2015 12:00pm Henry Willis

If you don't want to splash out on a portable unit, try one of these top sat-nav apps instead

Smartphones are incredibly useful in our daily lives: they allow us to stay connected to the web everywhere we go, as well as letting us communicate with anyone around the world at any time. One of the msot useful features they support for drivers, however, are these sat-nav apps.

Many of us are used to the systems fitted to our cars as standard, but for those who don't have that luxury there were always portable sat-navs to stick to your windscreen.

However apps now offer pretty much all the same features – and prove that the future of in-car navigation could be smartphone-led.

How we tested them

We tested six of the best sat-nav apps available on the various smartphone markets (the iOS App Store, Android's Google Play and the Windows Phone Apps Store).

We looked for sensible routing, accuracy and clear instructions. Apps with bonus features like traffic data scored highly, as did those that stored maps offline, on the phone – they take up more memory, but work if you don’t have Web access and stop you using up your data allowance. Marks were awarded to apps available on multiple platforms.


CoPilot scoops its third straight app win, from the all-new TomTom GO. Click on the links to read more on each model.