Mobile phone holders: 2016 group test

25 Feb, 2016 12:15pm Kim Adams

Keep your phone secure in the car with a robust mobile phone holder. We take our pick from eight

The list of ways your smartphone can help you on your journey gets ever longer, which is why a decent phone holder has become a must-have. There are dozens of designs on the market and your choice will depend, to some extent, on your 
handset and what you want to use it for.

Holders can be mounted to the screen, dashboard, heater vents or even the increasingly redundant CD slot. Sat-nav maps need to be close to the driver’s eyeline, while crash cam apps will need a screen or dash-mount holder to allow a view of the road. So what are the best options for mobiles on the move? We put eight to the test to find out.

How we tested them

One-handed use is obviously a safety essential, plus the unit has to be stable – a vibrating screen is hard to read – so we tried them on a bumpy country lane.

We also wanted our holders to handle a range of handsets, so we tried them with an iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 4 and a small, basic Sony Ericsson. Other factors included whether the arms would foul side buttons on the phone, if charging simultaneously was possible and the ease of removing the holder from the car. Finally, we took into account the price from a range of online sources.


Olixar’s CD-slot mount ticked pretty much all the boxes for us and was a neat and clever solution, in a place that’s easy to reach. If you use the CD player, or your head unit is lower down, the versatile Dash Genie is a great alternative. The Kit completes the top three with its well made and easy to use Universal holder. 

1. Olixar CD Slot Mount Car Holder

2. Olixar Dash Genie V2 Universal

3. Kit: Premium SmartPhone Holder

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