In-car camera reviews - dash cam test 2016

14 Mar, 2016 12:15pm Kim Adams

With dash cams being used more and more by motorists fearing bogus insurance claims, we’ve rated the best ones in the UK

Dash cams give drivers peace of mind in the event of a collision and protection against crash for cash scammers. They’re fast becoming the next vital piece of in-car tech to invest in. Purpose-built cameras arguably offer better reliability than dash cam apps like those we tested in Issue 1,406, but they don’t come cheap.

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Since our last group test, where the Transcend 200 earned our Best Buy title, technology has moved on, and new devices are being released more or less every week. We put eight of the latest dash cameras to the test to see how they fared while we clocked up the miles around the country.

How we tested them

If you want footage to be admissible in court, clarity is key, particularly at night, in low light or with sun glare, so this was our primary test focus. We also compared build quality, ease of use and playback – both accessing footage and reviewing it.

Bonus points were awarded for useful extra features, while our final consideration was price, taken from a range of sources as we went to press.


Only the Nextbase 512G delivers a polarising filter for the lens, so its crystal-clear footage was unmatched on test. Transcend continued its Auto Express group test success with the 220, while Silent Witness’ SW006 made the podium for its value for money.

  1. 1. Nextbase 512G Ultra
  2. 2. Transcend DrivePro 220
  3. 3. Silent Witness SW006

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