In-car camera reviews - dash cam test 2016

Dash cams test
15 Dec, 2015 3:15pm Henry Willis

With dash cams being used more and more by motorists fearing bogus insurance claims, we’ve rated the best ones in the UK

The growth in the use of dash cams in the UK can be partly attributed to the rise of “crash for cash” insurance scams where fraudsters deliberately cause car accidents to get insurance payouts. In these instances and many others, the ability for a car driver to prove their innocence can be extremely useful and this is driving sales of these small in-car cameras. Insurers have cottoned-on too, with some even offering discounts on premiums if you fit a dash cam to your car.

By providing potential evidence of wrongdoing should the worst happen, these cameras can give real piece of mind. Most record on a loop and include a sensor that picks up any sudden changes in g-force – such as impact – which prevents them from recording over that section of footage.

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The dash cam business is evolving at a rapid pace, with new brands entering the market all the time and older models receiving updates. To keep you up-to-date we tested leading models including devices from Transcend, Garmin and Thinkware … to find the best on sale.

How we tested them

You want the best-quality footage, so we looked for cams to record in high definition. Also key was ease of use – the footage needed to be simple to review, and a screen helps with set-up. We tested cams in the light and dark, and rated the sensitivity of G-sensors. Extras like rear-facing cams scored points, while our final factor was price, taken from a range of sources as we went to press.


It's another victory for Transcend with its trusty DrivePro 200. This camera fought off tough new competition from Garmin and Thinkware with their Dash Cam 20 and Dash Cam F750 units.

1. Transcend DrivePro 200
2. Garmin Dash Cam 20
3. Thinkware Dash Cam F750