Sell my car

Looking to sell your car? We’re working with our trusted partner Motorway to bring you the best offers from their network. Sell your car for the best price from 5,000+ dealers - and the service is free to use. Here’s how it works:

Get an instant valuation and they’ll find the dealer who’ll pay the most for your car. It’s that easy.

How do I sell my car ?

1. Enter your reg number
2. Motorway gets to work
3. Accept the offer
4. Sold

What is Motorway?

There are plenty of routes open to car sellers today that Auto Express has assessed, but we think Motorway is one of the best options out there. It’s an online service where UK car owners can sell privately-owned cars and vans. Motorway connects you to its country-wide network of dealers who bid for your car. It’s a proven system that helps you get a good price and a quick sale.


Why does Auto Express recommend Motorway?

You’ll sell your car easily online for free

There are no hidden costs or fees. Enter your reg number and Motorway does the rest.

You’ll get a car valuation you can trust

Motorway’s valuation is based on the latest live market data, then a reserve price is set based on the details you provide. Dealers then compete to buy your car.

You’ll skip all the private sale hassle

No need for writing adverts, waiting around for viewings and test drives, or hassle with buyers.

You’ll sell your car fast

The whole process is quick. You agree to sell your car and you’ll usually get your money the same day.


Sell my car: frequently asked questions

Learn more about selling your car with Auto Express and Motorway with our FAQs below…

How much is my car worth?

<p>There are many factors influencing a car&rsquo;s value from the make, model, engine, trim level and options fitted, to its mileage, age, history and condition.</p><p>Motorway draws on a range of information to create its instant car valuations, including live data from the market, industry insights and historic offers from dealers on Motorway itself. The Motorway experts then look at the specifics of your car, its history, specification and condition, before finalising a reserve price and then offering it to dealers in the daily Motorway online sale.</p><p>At the end of the sale you are presented with the best offer received for your car. You are completely free to accept or reject that offer, there&rsquo;s no obligation to sell your car at any stage.</p>

Will there be a difference between the car's valuation and the sale price?

<p>Motorway&rsquo;s initial valuation is based on live market data and the basic details of your car - like make, model and mileage. In stage two, you supply more information about the car&rsquo;s specification, service history and condition to agree a reserve price for the Motorway daily online sale.</p><p>You can choose to accept the best offer you receive in the online sale and that becomes your final sale price. This price could be more or less than the reserve price, but the choice of whether to accept it or not is always yours.</p><p>When the car is collected by the dealer, there will be a further inspection to ensure the car is as described. When the dealer is happy, the payment is made to your bank account. Motorway says that customers get an average of &pound;1,125 more for their cars using the service than they would on part-exchange or an initial dealer quote.</p>

What can impact my car valuation and final price?

<p>When you value your car on Motorway you get a valuation based on the details held in the DVLA’s database that can be accessed with your car’s registration number. This is a reliable estimate of your car’s value assuming it is in good condition.</p><p>The key areas that can influence that value include.</p><ul><li><strong>Mileage</strong><p>The average car in the UK covers roughly 12,000 miles per year but some cars will do dramatically more miles than that and some cover a lot less. The mileage is a good indicator of the condition of the car so lower mileage cars are usually worth more while higher mileage cars are worth less.</p></li><li><strong>Condition</strong><p>Motorway lets you record the condition of your car with its photo app and online questionnaire in just a few minutes. If you’re clear about any stone chips, dents or scratches on the bodywork or knocks and scrapes about the interior, you’ll get a more accurate valuation.</p></li><li><strong>Service history</strong><p>Cars that have been serviced in line with the manufacturer’s servicing schedule, and have the detailed service history to prove it, will be worth more than those with patchy service records.</p></li><li><strong>MOT</strong><p>Cars sold on Motorway must have a valid MOT, if they’re over 3 years in age. The MOT gives accurate information about the car’s current condition and helps reassure dealers to make higher offers.</p></li><li><strong>Number of owners</strong><p>The fewer previous owners your car has had, the better for its value. If you have owned your car from new, that’s the ideal scenario, but it’s common for cars to have between one and four owners over a typical eight-year lifecycle. You will be able to see the number of owners on the car’s V5C registration document.</p></li><li><strong>Insurance write-offs</strong><p>If your car has been classified as an insurance write-off in the past because it could not be economically repaired after an accident it will have a negative effect on the car’s value. The dealers in the Motorway network do not buy category A, B, S or N cars, but Motorway can recommend an online buyer that will buy written-off cars. Just enter your reg number in the usual way.</p></li><li><strong>Where you live</strong><p>If you live in a remote location it’s possible that this might negatively impact the value of your car because it may be more expensive for the dealer to collect the vehicle.</p></li></ul>

Is it free to sell my car with Motorway?

<p>Yes. There are no fees for sellers on Motorway. Dealers pay a fee to Motorway when they buy your car but for you it&rsquo;s absolutely free.</p>

Will Motorway accept my vehicle?

<p>You can sell cars, vans and even some other classes of vehicle on Motorway. Enter your registration number and get your valuation.</p><p>It’s possible to sell cars with outstanding finance and although Motorway dealers do not buy insurance write-offs, the service will put you in contact with an online buyer who will. It’s a similar story with scrap or non-running cars, Motorway’s scrap partner will offer you a price with free collection.</p><p>Motorbikes and scooters currently can’t be sold on Motorway.</p>

How long will it take to sell my car?

<p>It usually takes between two and seven days to sell a car on Motorway, that&rsquo;s from completing the first enquiry to having the car collected and the money in your bank account. The whole process can take as little as 24 hours though.</p>

What paperwork do I need to sell my car?

<p>Once you have accepted a dealer’s offer and arranged an appointment to have the car collected, you’ll need to have some documents ready. This is what you’ll need so that the dealer can check the validity of your car, transfer the payment to your account and transfer ownership of the car quickly and easily on the day.</p><p><strong>If you are the vehicle’s registered keeper:</strong></p><ul><li>V5C vehicle registration document.</li><li>MOT certificate (if your car has had one).</li><li>All spare keys to the car.</li><li>Photo ID, such as a driving licence or passport.</li><li>Proof of address – a utility bill, bank statement or council tax statement. The address shown must match the address on the V5C document.</li><li>Authority from your finance company. If there is any finance on your car, you need a letter from the finance company confirming the final settlement figure.</li><li>Service record book.</li><li>Car handbook/owner’s manual.</li><li>Locking wheel nut key (if you have them).</li><li>Radio and key codes (if applicable).</li><li>Your UK bank details.</li><li>Fuel in the tank – ensure there is enough fuel so that the fuel light is not on.</li></ul><p><strong>If you are not the vehicle’s registered keeper:</strong></p><p>All the items above, plus:</p><ul><li>Written authorisation from the registered keeper that you are able to sell the car.</li><li>Photo ID of the registered keeper.</li></ul>

Will I need to take photos of my car?

<p>A good set of pictures of your car will help attract interest from dealers and make sure you get as high a price as possible for it. Offers from dealers are guaranteed on the basis of the photos and information provided so it’s really important to do a thorough job when taking your photos.</p><p>Motorway asks for a total of 16 photos of your car covering the exterior, interior wheels and tyres. In addition, they ask for pictures of any imperfections around the vehicle - scratches, chips, dents, etc.</p><p>It can all be done easily using the Motorway photo app on your smartphone. Photos taken from third-party websites cannot be accepted.</p>

Can I sell a car with outstanding finance?

<p>Yes. Motorway dealers will buy cars with finance outstanding. The dealer will settle the outstanding finance directly with the finance company and the remaining amount will be transferred to your account.</p><p>To complete the process you will need a &lsquo;settlement figure&rsquo; from your finance company which the finance company is obliged to supply within 12 days, but is usually provided within one to three days in practice. </p>

Will the dealer collect my car?

<p>Yes. If you accept the offer on your car, the dealer who made it will be in touch to arrange an appointment to collect the car and complete the deal.</p><p>The agent collecting the car will check that it matches the details and photos you&rsquo;ve provided and this usually involves a quick inspection of the bodywork, mechanicals and interior. It may also involve a short test drive.</p><p>When the dealer is happy that the car is as described, they will authorise the payment to your account, sign the paperwork and take the car away.</p>

When will I get the money for my car?

<p>In most cases, the money is sent via bank transfer on the same day that the car is collected. You will confirm your bank details when you accept the offer on your car.</p><p>The time it takes for the funds to come through can vary slightly depending on the dealer and your bank. Dealers will not pay for cars in cash.</p>

Will Auto Express make money if I sell my car through Motorway?

<p>Yes. Auto Express is working in partnership with Motorway and if you sell your car through Motorway having arrived through the Auto Express website we do make money.</p><p>We have selected Motorway as a trusted partner because we feel that the service it offers is one of the best and easiest to use on the market today. There are, of course, other car sales solutions available.</p>