Hose reel reviews: product group test

13 Jun, 2014 12:15pm Henry Willis

We test the best freestanding and wall-mounted hose reels from brands like Hozelock

A spray gun or pressure washer makes it so much easier to clean your car, but if you have to wrestle with a tangle of wet and gritty hose to use it, you might well choose to stick with a bucket.

A reel is the solution, with the best not only providing storage, but also a quick and easy way to use a hose without having to fight with a soaking, muddy mess once the car is clean.

So which is the reel deal and which will wind you up? We tapped up nine top sellers to find out.

How we tested them

A poor reel can be as fiddly as a pile of loose hose, so those that let us just walk away with the hose, then wind it in smoothly, scored points.

We also looked at what you get for your money, rating hose length, tap adapters, plus quick release and water stop connectors.

Connector and spray gun quality was assessed, too. Prices are from online sources, apart from for the Karcher reels, which are RRPs.


The Kingfisher balances ease of use, quality and price to win on its debut. Reigning champ Hozelock has to settle for second with its pricey Auto Reel, but its neat, top-value Pico Reel finishes third.

1. Kingfisher Retractable Hose Reel

2. Hozelock Auto Reel

3. Hozelock Pico Reel