Cordless drill reviews: the best battery-powered drills tested

Cordless drills tested
19 Aug, 2014 10:30am Kim Adams

Which cordless drill is essential for your toolbox? We test 10 drills that run on battery power

Why make car jobs harder than they need to be when a cordless drill can do them for you?

There’s no end of attachments that can take the strain out of polishing and buffing, plus you can use them for drilling, spinning off screws and bolts, plus wire brushing rust. Every toolbox deserves one, and they can be useful in the home or workshop, too.

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You can choose between the latest lightweight but usually pricier drills featuring lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries and heavier (yet cheaper) nickel-cadmium (Ni-cd) versions that self-discharge more. We test 10.

How we tested them

Ease of use and stamina are vital if a cordless drill is to tackle a range of jobs. We drilled holes, drove in screws and wire brushed rusty bolts, looking not just for rapid progress but a balanced tool that’s easy on the hands and wrists. Durability was rated by mixing low load work such as wire brushing with heavier jobs like driving dozens of screws into hard wood . Plus, we looked at what you get for your money, particularly a spare battery and fast charger, using prices from a range of Internet sources.

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It was close, but Black & Decker wins with the EGBHP188K. Our money-no-object buy is the Makita, ahead of Bosch. Draper is our Ni-Cd pick.

Lithium-ion cordless drills
1. Black & Decker EGBHP188K
2. Makita DHP 453RFC
3. Bosch GSB 18 V-Li

Nickel-cadmium cordless drills
1. Draper CDH182VA
2. Clarke Contractor CON 18Ni
3. Sealey CP1801V