Bentley Continental GT Black Speed: special edition revealed

21 Mar, 2016 10:30am Tom Wiltshire

Unveiled at the Australian Grand Prix, only 10 to be made specifically for Australian and New Zealand markets

The headlines from the Australian Grand Prix may have focused on Fernando Alonso’s spectacular crash, but behind the scenes Bentley unveiled a new special edition Continental. Called the GT Black Speed, it’s been created with help from Bentley’s bespoke Mulliner division.

Only ten of these cars will be made, exclusively for the Australian and New Zealand market. It came as a response to customers from those regions asking for a more aggressive Continental – and if you don’t ask, you don’t get! The new car is based on the Continental GT Speed, but has been tarted up with a more aggressive look.

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To that end, the car has been adorned with racy additions such as tinted headlights and taillights, deep black paint, and black alloy wheels. Red accents surround the grille, underbody splitter, and ring the exhaust pipes.

Inside, the black and red theme continues, with red aluminium trim taking the place of a more traditional wood finish to the dashboard. Black leather seats with red accents also have ‘Black Speed’ lettering on the headrests, and even the Breitling clock is adorned with red.

To fit the car’s aggressive styling, Bentley are fitting it only with the beastly W12 engine, rather than the smaller V8 unit. To bring the 600+bhp monster to a halt is an optional carbon ceramic brake package from the Continental GT3-R.

The Bentley Continental GT Black Speed starts at $525,000 in Australia – approximately £277,000 in the UK, and could easily go up to $600,000. That’s around £317,000 in the UK. But Bentley plan to only make ten of these cars, so for the exclusivity alone, we’re sure they won’t struggle to sell.

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