Bentley marks 95th birthday with special edition Mulsanne

15 May, 2014 12:28pm Oliver Kew

Fifteen special edition Bentley Mulsanne models for British customers only in commemoration of its 95th year in business

To celebrate 95 years of operating in the UK, Bentley has revealed a limited edition Mulsanne 95, limited to just 15 examples. The cars are available to order now – but only to British customers, Bentley has announced.

The Mulsanne 95 bears ‘Ninety Five’ script on its headrests and sill kickplates, along with a Union Flag motif that’s mirrored by the car’s colour palate. Three new colours: Britannia Blue, Oxford White and Empire Red have been created for the Mulsanne 95, in tribute to the British flag.

Other bespoke features include a darkened finish for the Mulsanne 95’s mesh grilles, 21-inch alloy wheels, and the ‘Flying B’ bonnet mascot.

Inside, the Mulsanne 95’s standout feature is wood veneer trim salvaged from a walnut tree brought down in a storm in 2007 in Lincolnshire. The walnut wood, estimated to be between three and four centuries old, is used strictly for the limited edition cars’ trim, while the rest of the cabin sports a blue and white leather scheme with red stitching to continue the patriotic theme.

No mechanical changes are offered for the Mulsanne 95, meaning it maintains its 505bhp 6.8-litre V8 engine, 5.3 seconds 0-62mph time, and 184mph top speed. Prices are yet to be revealed, but expect to pay a premium over the standard car’s £228,200 list price.

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I've always loved Bentleys.

So have i....just not this 1, it looks like a Chinese rolls royce

This is Naff in the extreme Only the walnut dash is worth looking at , all that cheesy badging and stitching OMG so so blingy Go down well in Drug land

There was a time in the not too distant past when a Bentley's veneer would be mirrored both across the car and front to rear - i.e. the pattern in the grain of the wood was repeated as a mirror image about the centreline of the car, both fore-aft and across the centre. Looking at Picture 3, it would appear that this level of master craftsmanship is now history. I'm not saying it's cheap. I'm just saying it looks as though VW is just milking it for all they can.

"Colour palette", not "colour palate"!!