Brit List 2012

30 May, 2012 10:00am

Britain’s got talent in the car industry all over the world – so we count down our 50 top homegrown movers and shakers

Some people say: “Britain doesn’t make anything any more.” And when business groups point out that 1.3 million cars and 2.5 million engines were produced in the UK in 2011, they retort: “Those companies have foreign owners and aren’t by run by Brits.”

Auto Express thought it was time to put the record straight. While it’s true the UK’s volume car makers are not indigenous and some of the most revered British marques are headed by foreigners, throughout the motor world Brits punch above their weight. Our first Brit List focuses on and celebrates the achievements of the most prominent and influential British people in the global car industry.

The list includes the bosses of national and international companies, plus engineers, designers, sales chiefs, communications and publicity experts, as well as motor racing moguls. We would be the first to agree it isn’t easy to create a meaningful league table from such a group of disparate talents and experience, so we set up an independent panel of experts to decide the rankings.

The list was compiled by Ray Hutton, a motor industry writer and commentator for more than 35 years. And our panel, chaired by Auto Express editor-in-chief Steve Fowler, comprised deputy editor Graham Hope and news editor Sam Hardy, plus The Sun’s motoring editor, Ken Gibson, and BBC business correspondent Emma Simpson.