Black box car insurance to become the norm

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8 Mar, 2014 7:00am Joe Finnerty

Telematics and pay-as-you-drive car insurance cover are likely to take over from conventional car insurance policies.

Wirelessly recording driving data, flexible premiums and driverless cars. That’s the future of the motor insurance industry, according to a new report by the software provider The Innovation Group.

Telematics, or black boxes, will be fitted to more cars, and pay-as-you-drive cover will arrive within the next decade. The study found 74 per cent of drivers would fit a black box if it cut premiums. Currently, the tech accounts for only one per cent of policies.

• Cheapest cars to insure

The report says the older generation is most receptive to using telematics, with 83 per cent of over-65s in favour against only 61 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds. This is despite the system being aimed at cutting costs for young drivers.

Auto Express recently revealed how the number of telematics policies had risen dramatically since their 2009 launch, despite not always being the cheapest option. The report found drivers will also demand more insurance cover flexibility, and companies will introduce more pay-as-you-drive and month-to-month policies over the next 10 years.

• Most economical cars

But motorists are not so keen on driverless cars. Only seven per cent were happy to buy a car that handed over control to an automated set-up.

What do you think about the growing use of telematics in our cars? Is it ok if it lowers the cost of car insurance or is this another case of the surveillance society taking over? Tell us on Twitter, on Facebook or join the debate in the comments section below...

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"...according to a new report by the software provider The Innovation Group". Beware of tendentious 'research'.

Big Brother is on the horizon...

Black boxes that would class quick acceleration as bad and charge you more to insure. Cars will be like white goods, faceless uncharismatic and prevent people learning how to actually drive through experience.

The majority of people will say they like black boxes because they fall for the insurance spin that they will reduce their insurance. But when they find all the hidden extras they'll soon change their minds. Only by then, it will be too late.

Black Boxes are a very bad idea. Driverless Cars are disastrous, the worse Automotive idea in the history of the Automobile, hopefully they will not be very successfully and the idea will be scrapped very quickly.

Shut Up Auto Express. This article has no proof what-so-ever that anything of the sort will happen.
What you have done is quoted a "report"/ Advertisement from the company who's intention is to make money from such a scheme.

Delete this article AE, and be ashamed.

If the €U had it's way we would all have to have boxes linked to the gps network which would ensure rigid speed limit compliance, plus this.

So it's not as alarmist as it may seem.

By allowing this to happen will be the start of the slippery slope to Big Brother knowing where you are, where you've been & where you are going, how long you took etc, 24x7x365.

I am an older driver with an IAM licence and have been driving my daughters car with a telematics box fitted. I am finding it really hard to drive within the boundaries of the box. If you accelerate as you exit a roundabout, the g-force flags up. If you do this around 4 roundabouts within a space of approx 4 miles you will get a red warning. I am not driving like a hooligan and have recorded speeds of upto 18mph when exiting the roundabouts. So although the older generation maybe in support of these, be warned. You will have to change your driving style quite considerably and it won't be as fuel efficient because you have to slow down and accelerate more, rather than trying to maintain your speed.

I really hope this is wrong... it's clearly a trap as they can have a sliding scale of price.

In other words they're poo.

I understand that the insurance companies have already been sending out speeding tickets to the customers that signed up . This kind of thing may be ok for the facebook generation that tells the whole world their business but for me no way.

They can't, they're not the police or law enforcement officers.

if they try , i will just move to another insurer, and then another and then another, there will always be an option, until the idiots see sense and can this stupid and pathetic attempt to control where we go and when and how quickly... my answer is bu99er off

it is suitable for simple angular bob also do like a black box, all drivers and car parts activities filed without camara.,nowadays blackbox is costly.,