Citroen C4 Cactus 2014: full details, pictures & price

22 Oct, 2014 10:49am Jordan Bishop

The new Citroen C4 Cactus 2014 is on sale now from £12,990 – read on for full specs and details

The Citroen C4 Cactus sees the French manufacturer take a back-to-basics approach - a car that's quirky, affordable and different, much like those that Citroen used to be famous for.

The company was determined to create something that broke the mould, rather than build yet another competitor for the Volkswagen Golf or Nissan Qashqai and so address the needs of today's drivers by taking radical steps in both design and innovation.

Having debuted officially at the Geneva Motor Show, the C4 Cactus is now on sale, starting from £12,990 and rising to £18,190.

Unlike most production cars, the Cactus looks very similar to the concept version we first saw in 2013, right down to the floating roof, split front lights and protective side panels. One of the most striking features on the car are these AirBumps, which also appear on the car's front and rear bumpers.

The air-filled plastic bumps are designed to act like bubble wrap and so help prevent damage caused by low-speed collisions. Buyers will be able to choose between ten different exterior colours, with four hues for the Airbump panels and three interior themes.

Citroen C4 Cactus price & release date

The Citroen C4 Cactus is now on sale in the UK and will cost from £12,990 for the entry-level 74bhp PureTech petrol model in Touch trim, rising to £13,390 for the equivalent 81bhp variant, with the most basic diesel model setting you back £15,390. In this guise the C4 Cactus gets a seven-inch touch screen, LED daytime running lights, DAB digital radio and cruise control.

The range expands for mid-spec Feel (£14,590 - £16,790): the less powerful petrol engine makes way for a 109bhp unit, the range-topping 91bhp e-HDi diesel becomes available, and there’s the option of an automated manual transmission for some units. You’ll also get extra standard kit in the form of air con, front sunvisors, Bluetooth, and styling tweaks in the form of body-coloured door handles, gloss black detailing and a leather-trim steering wheel.

This engine line-up carries over for top-of-the-range Flair spec (£15,990 - £18,190), which sees prices rise £1,400 for each variant. For this you’ll get heated door mirrors, an Auto Pack for the lights, wipers and air con, plus reversing sensors and camera, tinted rear windows and front fog lights with cornering function – all of which are optional extras on Feel variants. 

Citroen has confirmed the C4 Cactus will arrive on our shores this October. 

Future Citroen ‘C-line’ models

The Cactus is set to be a template for all the ‘C-line’ models in the future. The ‘DS’ sub-brand will continue, but cars from the standard range will all feature the same striking design, simplified interiors and clever technology as the Cactus.

At a special preview event held in Paris, designer Mark Lloyd told Auto Express: “People have moved on in the way that they use products, but the car industry is very traditional, and has not moved at the same pace of change as consumers.”

For the Cactus, that means offering C-segment styling and space with B-segment running costs. Thanks to clever packaging and extensive use of lightweight materials – like for the bonnet – the Cactus is a huge 200kgs lighter than a standard C4.

The newcomer shares the same 2.6m wheelbase as the C4, but it’s actually based on the smaller chassis that underpins the DS3. The roof rails and chunky body give it a big car look, but the Cactus is shorter than hatchbacks like the VW Golf.

With a 358-litre boot and decent rear legroom, it also boasts better practicality than compact crossovers like the Nissan Juke and Renault Captur - both of which Citroen sees as key rivals for the Cactus. To save weight the rear windows pop-out rather than winding down, and there is no split/fold action for the rear bench.

Citroen C4 Cactus engines

Four engines will be available at the UK launch in October. The first are a pair of three-cylinder petrol engines, one turbocharged and naturally-aspirated, making 81bhp and 109bhp respectively. The diesel models both have a 1.6-litre capacity, and both meet the strict Euro 6 emissions regulations, with 91 and 99bhp each.

The entry-level petrol tips the scales at just 965kgs – almost 300kgs less than rivals like the Nissan Juke and Fiat 500L and as a result the cleanest diesel model will emit just 82g/km while returning an amazing 91.1mpg.

Citroen C4 Cactus interior

The Cactus is just as cutting-edge inside too, with a number of innovative touches that are designed to make it comfier and easier to live with than a normal hatch. Two digital displays have replaced the traditional dials and dash buttons, with a seven-inch touchscreen in the centre console controlling all major functions. The infotainment system features several apps including live traffic updates and auto versions get a set of three buttons instead of a conventional gear selector. This six-speed gearbox is an updated version of the ‘ETG’ semi-automatic gearbox.

Citroen says it has improved the throttle response and changing times of this gearbox, and also made it less susceptible to creeping in traffic and at low speed but manual versions are predicted to make up the majority of Cactus sales.

On higher spec models a full-length glass roof will be optionally available, which uses the same glass technology as high-end sunglasses to block UV radiation and control the temperature in the cabin and remove the need for a heavy blind. The passenger airbag has also been built into the roof, which means the dash can be mounted further down the cabin to provide a greater feeling of space inside.

Citroen is planning on giving people a new way to pay for their Cactus too. Buyers will be able to choose a monthly price plan similar to a mobile phone contract, with insurance, finance and other costs rolled into a single monthly payment or even choose to pay per mile covered – although at this stage they were not clear on the details of how this kind of scheme would work in the UK.

See where the Citroen C4 Cactus comes in our list of the best crossovers on sale.

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The video suggests that the bumpers will be filled with air, quite an strange yet elegant solution.

The original 2CV was made for small farmers back then, that's why it was basic simple minimal with kind of an utilitarian look to it. May be this is the reason why the cactus concept also has a little bit of small SUV favour in its front bumper?

Great car , I hope citroen keep as close to the concept as possible! Keep the bench seating par example. But where in this article does it reveal a price?

Problem with the bench front seat is that me being a small person that likes the seat well forward make it uncomfortable for a tall passenger to sit comfortably along side me.

This is not a concept, it's the real deal. Coming to you in October.

I like Citroen C4 Cactus 2014: full details, pictures and price

just amazin car and amazing year for citroen,ds3 is first in owner survey,crazy ds5 and ds9 and now this.Citroen I salute you ,you always dare to be something special.

Not just me who cannot see the price. Looks good but even though I had a Smart forFour, which too is immune to door dings as the are bouncy plastic, I still have 3 nasty dings in the A and C pillars. The air bump won't help to avoid them!

Well done Citroen. It reminds me of the great (if expensive) cars Renault put out a decade ago - I only hope it sells better.

"To save weight the rear windows pop-out rather than winding down, and there is no split/fold action for the rear bench."

To save Citroen some cost more like. The lack of a split in the rear seat is going to be a pain in the butt for families who need the versatility a split seat offers - like carrying one child and their bike as we do frequently.

When are you revealing the price? I am on the edge of my seat here. Or is the price in the magazine?

"Cactus" is slang in Australia for complete rubbish !!!!!!!!

Dig that interior - 70s British Leyland.

Another ugly Citroen.
Nothing new there then.

Why does Auto Express repeatedly headline new cars with Specification and Price, then fail to provide any pricing. Are the writers dumb and the editor blind? This is a common occurrence, which I believe to be a scam to get you to read all of the article.

What a cool design!

The bench is made from 3 pieces. Driver and passenger part moves individually

If the price is right, and it drives as well as it looks, the Cactus should make a great non-Golf hatch.


nonsense to you...........

or something broken

Looks cheep, very cheep and the airbumb additions maybe they do work but they make the car look even more ridicules ...

Not many real facts in all that. Performance? Economy breakdown?

And I'd like the bench to split too. That has to be cost cutting, so it had better be cheap, and the satnav had better be a whole lot better than the antiquated system Citroen uses now.
But it is a clever and very attractive car.

Indeed this thread was first posted 6 months prior to today (3/3/14) but despite your point nothing has been added as to this.

The more is revealed about the c4 cactus the more I want one this October! Now I just hope they get the final engine/transmission/trim combinations right. Some other citroen sites from around Europe seem to suggest the EGC auto box will only be on the basic petrol with 82bhp. Also I really hope the wheels on the display car are available

Citroen have a winner with the Cactus. I understand that orders in France are way above expectations. Same will happen here a new way of thinking , do we really need our cars so over the top in all they provide. Heated/cooled seats, self closing/opening rear doors on and on it goes. Its just Oh I have got !! Well done Citroen and with comfort taking top priority we will get our necks back. Unlike AudiBMW nodding dog firm suspensions. A Winner and by all accounts road tests seem to back up Citroen,s thinking to. It looks good to making all in its class so Last Year

Love the lack of tinsel chrome bits, and just for once a production car looks pretty much like the concept. Interior looks excellent too. I'll be test-driving as soon as the Cactus comes ashore in the UK.

This looked really promising until they revealed pictures of the insides and dash in particular, where is the innovation we saw on the DS5, we want buttons, switches and a proper dash board with dials, not nasty cheap tablets - the insides are about as cutting edge as a Meastro.

you dont half talk cr4p

the interior does not look cheap at all, it looks quick expensive actually, once you get in and see, rather than make wild comments based on pictures, you will change your mind.

it is NOT a DS car, it is a Citroen, DS and Citroen will be more different as each new model comeson stream, the C-Line will be more like this as every car changes, and long may it continue.

they are not designed to stop dinks in teh A and C pillar, duh!, why rubbish a great idea, beacuse you cant look after your car, the areas that have these airbumps are the areas that get knocked the most, if you have issues, then park somewhere, where you wont get knocked.

Looks - brilliant, and external look is fantastic. I chose the flair, pearlescent white and brown trim, like most of the adverts.

ETG gearbox - Utterly ghastly. I didn't know men could make such things. Every gear change is irksome and degenerately transformative to the driving experience. Only on a long-straight can I even start to appreciate my new car. I used a better automatic 25 years ago when I started driving a 10 year old BMW 7 series. My Hyundai coupe 20 years ago had a better auto gearbox! How can you make something that slowly lurches at 5, 10, 15, 25, and 35 miles an hour and gives you 5 changes and leaves you in fifth gear at 35mph!? When I floor the accelerator, it can take a second to react (lifetime on a roundabout) and the change from 4th to 5th during high acceleration leaves all passengers out of their backrests! The control is poor too, I park on a slight slope and cannot get within 2feet of the car in-front as the accelerator is so jerky on hills. Please don't buy this car with this in it. Find something else quickly. Takes a 10/10 car down to 5/10

MPG - crap. I read the brochure a fair bit and the headline 91.1mpg I realise is on a particular diesel, but nowhere, absolutely nowhere was I told to prepare for 40mpg, which is what I'm getting. Mortified, I'm quite eco, so very upset to find myself going backwards rather than forwards from my MkIV Golf TDi to this.