New Honda NSX concept

15 Jan, 2013 6:10pm Jack Rix

A revised version of the Honda NSX concept has been unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show, giving us our first glimpse of the interior design

The rebirth of the Honda NSX moved a step closer in Detroit today, with the unveil of an updated NSX concept. First revealed at the Detroit Motor Show last January, the previous show car was a solid styling model, whereas this latest prototype gives us our first look at the design direction for the interior.

Exterior styling has remained remarkably faithful to the razor-sharp 2012 concept, with the stunning flying buttresses and arrow-like nose carried over. The only obvious difference is a set of new alloy wheels featuring lightweight carbon fibre fins for improved aerodynamics.

"It's the next step in the NSX's design, this is more about the interior than the exterior," Jon Ikeda, head of Acura (Honda's American off-shoot) design, told us. "This is a supercar so it has to perform first and foremost, that means the design is constantly evolving, but this is the look we are aiming for."

On the inside Honda's designers have strived to create a "synergy between man and machine," by de-cluttering the dashboard and using a "simple sports interface." In other words the driver-focused cockpit is designed to minimise distractions and let the driver get on with driving. 

Honda was quick to point out that this was only one possible design direction for the NSX interior though, so we can expect more concepts to come before it goes on sale in two years time.

Honda is remaining quiet about performance targets for the NSX, but the layout of the power train is confirmed as mid-mounted direct-injection V6 driving the rear wheels, and two electric motors turning the front axle. That will give it four-wheel drive capability and a total output of around 400bhp.

As the NSX is a project being led by Honda America at its R&D centre in Los Angeles, California, the concept is again badged Acura - Honda's luxury US arm - although it will wear a Honda badge when it goes on sale in the UK. 

When it enters mass production in 2015, the new NSX will be manufactured at a new productions facility in central Ohio.