Range Rover vs rivals

6 Feb, 2013 10:30am

Can the new Range Rover really be the best luxury car and best SUV in one? We find out as it takes on the Audi A8 and Porsche Cayenne Turbo

The all-new Range Rover is billed as the world’s most refined and capable luxury SUV. And in the isolation of our road test special, where we compared it with its predecessors, the car impressed with its peerless off-road ability and superb refinement.

But where does it fit in at the top of the luxury car tree? Is it really as comfortable as a limousine? And has Land Rover’s weight reduction programme given it the handling its predecessor could only dream of?

For its first challenge, we’ve lined up the £84,695 SDV8 Vogue SE against two rivals that will test all of the Range Rover’s talents. First up is the Audi A8 L. It’s one of the best luxury saloons on the market, and it matches the Range Rover with a V8 diesel, four-wheel drive and opulent cabin, all for nearly £10,000 less.

For the same money as the SDV8, you could have one of the most performance-focused SUVs on the planet: the Porsche Cayenne Turbo. The Range Rover will have a tough task to match it for on-road handling – but if the newcomer can take victory in these tests, it can rightly claim to be one of the best cars in the world.


This test proves it: the new Range Rover is one of the most accomplished luxury vehicles in the world. It has the refinement, comfort and ride quality to take on a car like the Audi A8, yet at the same time it retains proper off-road ability and has a healthy dose of practicality, too.

Even more impressively, it handles well enough that it’s as entertaining as a sports-focused SUV like the Porsche Cayenne Turbo.

It’s hard to think of a journey, lifestyle or road condition that the Range Rover would fail to take in its stride. Better still, we think it looks great, and its image has never been stronger.

It’s expensive, but the Range Rover isn’t just a great SUV – it’s the ultimate all-rounder.

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Top bit of jingly cocksucking! You after my job?!

Why wasn't it compared to the V8 diesel Cayenne instead of the Turbo Cayenne?

2 4x4's up against an A8 Saloon? Er.... Like, Sheena Easton and Bonnie Tyler up against Fish from Marillion?

This must be the daftest comparative tests ever.How about comparing a Goldwing Honda with a Kawasaki off road bike and a Suzuki track bike? makes as much sense!

I'll take the A8 and 10 grand please. The only time I go off-road is when I stop on Tesco's car park, and the 4WD car will be just as effective on ice and snow as the RR (Rarely Running). I've not checked the relative MPG figures but I'd be surprised if a 2.5 tonne shed uses less fuel than a streamlined saloon. Better yet, I'll have a year-old A8 and save even more money and avoid the Premiership footballer / glamour model image associated with the other two cars..


You're welcome mate. It's on the AA recovery truck parked outside my house!

Just buy a G wagen. Guaranteed to start every morning, not break down on the motorway and stay out of the workshop.

And your just stupid

G wagen? Clearly you havent seen the failures of the so called military spec that were tested in australia. A few hundred kilometres into a 1000+km track had to fly in new suspension. Try again.

My thoughts exactly! Plus it's been on sale about 5 weeks.

ALL Range Rovers break down, this will be no exception - complete junk. I fix them I should know. And Auto Express why even publish rubbish like it handles like a Cayenne Turbo - BOLLOCKS - it will never handle like a Cayenne. Evo magazine went round their track quicker in an old Cayenne turbo quicker than a standard Lotus Elise.... no danger you'll do that in a RR. You've just shown you don't know much about cars!

Did you see what they were driving on, or how they were driving? Was a brutal drive on the vehicles, granted it wasn't the most thought out PR stunt. Everything gives in at some point (though the 461 military chassis version pulled through trouble free contrary to what you say). None of the above would have managed a fraction of what the G did or been as easy to repair.

This is a different league hahah S8 ? ;) and Alpina B7 + S65 vs RR ?

Agree with other comments..Range Rover will never be as entertaining through corners than a Cayenne. The RR is set up for luxury. The cayenne is set up for sportiness. None do both.

Audi, my friend is German and will go for many miles problem free, where the range rover as much as I love it too, will probably fall to pieces in a few years.