McLaren P13 price and release date

McLaren P13
Credits: Milos Dvorak
25 Oct, 2013 4:01pm Jack Rix

McLaren P13, inspired by the P1 supercar, aims to rival Porsche 911 and is set to cost £120,000

The McLaren P13, the third member of company's road car range will cost £120,000 and deliver 450bhp, Auto Express has learned.

The mid-engined Porsche 911 Turbo rival, codenamed P13, will mark the entry point for McLaren ownership – and a well placed source says it will take styling inspiration from the £866,000 hybrid P1, rather than the 12C.

McLaren P13 testing begins 

Our exclusive image shows that the P13 will feature P1-style wraparound headlights with LED strips underneath, while two bonnet vents up the aggression even further. Although based around the same carbon fibre monocoque as the 12C and P1, the P13 will feature a shorter wheelbase to give it more compact proportions, cut weight and boost agility.

In July our spies caught what looked like a 12C facelift prototype but was in fact a P13 prototype undergoing testing with a 12C body. Our source confirmed that most of the development work is now done, suggesting that the launch won’t be too far away.

At last March’s Geneva Motor Show, McLaren’s project director Paul Mackenzie told us: “We’ve been around for two years now, and any new car takes three or four years to develop.” As a result, we expect to see the car for the first time in late 2014, with sales starting in early 2015.

Given its shrunken size and carbon fibre construction, the P13 will weigh even less than the 1,434kg 12C and significantly less than the 1,600kg 911 Turbo. Power should come from the same in-house-designed 3.8-litre V8 turbo, dialled down for a 450bhp output. Without four-wheel-drive grip, the P13 won’t quite match the 911’s 3.4-second 0-62mph time (3.1 seconds with the PDK box), but it shouldn’t be far off.

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I thought the same thing. Who in their right mind would like to buy a super car, one that can get naught to a wall in less than 4s, named something 13?

Surely it's only people not in their right mind who'd worry about the number being "unlucky"?

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this will be their best seller