New Mercedes S-Class Coupe 2014: price & release date

12 Mar, 2014 12:47pm Jonathan Burn

All you need to know about the 2014 Mercedes S-Class Coupe, with full details and pictures

This is the Mercedes S-Class Coupe, a sporty version of the Mercedes S-Class built for those who really want to drive. It will go on sale in November 2014 at a price starting from around £100,000.

This is the S-Class Coupe in full production form, boasting a design which is almost identical to the sharply styled concept from the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show.

In two-door Coupe form, the Mercedes S-Class is 89mm shorter than it is as a saloon, and the roofline has been lowered by 85mm. Narrower rear windows flow neatly into a set of wider rear arches and fresh LED tail-lights wrap around the boot and wings.

Details like the bolstered side skirts and mirrored silver front and rear bumper inserts help it stand out even more, and it shares the same 3D pin grille and large badge as high-spec A-Class models.

Mercedes S-Class Coupe price and release date

Prices for the Mercedes S-Class Coupe, specifically the S500 model, will start from around the £100,000 mark. The release date is in November 2014, following the car's official reveal at the Geneva Motor Show recently.

Mercedes S-Class Coupe - interior

S-Class Coupe interior details

The transformation continues inside, where the S-Class Coupe gets a sportier three-spoke steering wheel. The high-quality switchgear and huge screens remain, but the newcomer gets unique touches like an exclusive set of diamond-quilted seats available in brighter colours such as Bengal Red and Porcelain White.

The S-Class Coupe also features the hi-tech ‘touchpad’ controller from the new C-Class, which lets the driver make smartphone-style gestures to control the major infotainment functions.

Other new tech that the Coupe gets over the saloon includes a head-up display, and a standard panoramic glass roof which can become opaque or transparent at the touch of a button.

Mercedes S-Class Coupe engines and specs

Mercedes S-Class Coupe - front static

As with the saloon, the Coupe gets a full suite of safety systems, including the 6DVision set-up, which monitors traffic and pedestrians up to about 50 metres ahead of the car. The same cameras used for this also provide images for the Magic Body Control system, whichsets up the suspension according to the road conditions ahead.

There’s also a new addition to the Magic Body control suspension system on the car – an ‘Active Curve’ feature that reads the road ahead and tilts the individual struts to brace the car against cornering forces, keeping it flatter through bends. This works between 19 and 112mph, and will be an option on the Coupe when it arrives in showrooms in November this year.

The brand is also planning a shooting brake estate S-Class, and long-wheelbase and super-stretched Pullman versions of the saloon - the latter in response to the demise of the Maybach brand.

Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe

Mercedes S-Class Coupe AMG  front

Currently Mercedes has announced only the S500 version of the S-Class Coupe, powered by a twin-turbo 4.7-litre V8 with 449bhp and 700Nm of torque. An AMG version is likely to follow, with either a V8 or V12.

The Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe was spotted testing in Europe, and the gallery above includes the first spy pictures of the new high-performance vehicle.

Although disguised, the sloping roofline and revised front bumper design with larger air intakes mark the Coupe model out over the standard S-Class. The big alloy wheels, huge brakes and quad-exhausts at the rear also denote this as the AMG-tuned model.

The same 5.5-litre twin-turbo V8 from the S63 AMG will also be used to power this S63 Coupe, but it's likely that there will be a few performance upgrades for the sportier Coupe model.

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I like the Mercedes S-Class Coupe that has leaked

For £100,000 let's hope they don't leak Jamie. #ilikejamiepickles

POnaziS! Give me a Jaaaaaaaaag! Jezza says Jags are fabulous and top fanny magnets! And British engineering is world-beating! Why would I argue with a man who is a God?! And in no way receives multi-million backhanders from Indian Tata, Kuwaiti McLaren... , to shift cynical, overpriced, under-engineered, massively outdated sh1te to brainless morons on his pay the licence or go to jail-funded programme, aimed at retarded ten year olds?

So this pay the license or go to jail-funded programme is clearly aimed at you.

Hope you enjoy it.

At £100k, I hope they fix the leak before production...

It's not "pay the licence or go to jail", it's "pay the licence or don't watch tv". A similar principle applies at all cinemas, or do you choose to sneak in..?

Atleast the steering wheel looks good unlike the new s-class 2 spoke sterring wheel - very very ugly !! No mention of diesel - cant say im gonna be sad ! LOL

Regardless of the price, I can't understand why anyone would want such a huge car. It looks ridiculous as the proportions are too elongated.

It looks incredible man!

What an utterly gorgeous car!

You obviously have a medical problem with your eyes, I pity you.

It does look good, but a bit large and £100K ? Maybe if that styling could be scaled down to C-Class size I might stand a chance of owning one (well maybe a 2 year old used one).

Just as well you are not the target customer, you can stick to your Ford Focus.

It's very phallic. If you like that sort of thing then you'll love this car!

I'm not that way inclined. ;)

If they take that silly badge away someday I will consider it

I'm not usually a fan of huge coupes, but must admit that is a good looking car from most angles.

Great motorway cruiser I'd imagine

Hahaha! I see wat u mean. All the ladyboys luvin the huge dilldo car LOL.

why would anyone buy a merc that looks like a renault laguna coupe at the back!!! talk about downgrading a merc!!!!

So, they managed to make 5m long car that has no leg room in the back? That's impressive!

It looks nice but not enough mercedes in the tail lights. It kind of reminds me of Laguna.

Anyone complaining about the size of this car has really missed the point, stick to your Fords'

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