VW Amarok

29 Jun, 2010 1:31pm

Volkswagen's single-cab pick-up spied undisguised. DSG gearbox expected as an option.

We drove the twin-cab Amarok here and found it to be a genuine pick-up star. But now, as these spy shots reveal, Volkswagen is working on a smaller, single-cab version due for release in 2011.

With no camouflage to cover up styling details on the newcomer, we can see a thick B-pillar which should free up some space in the cabin just behind the seats. 

It won't just be the cabin that's spacious either. Reports suggest that the single-cab Amarok will have the largest pick-up bed for a single cab in this class.

Unlike the double-cab model, buyers will be offered a cheaper, rear-wheel drive only model. Permanent all-wheel drive and selectable all-wheel drive models will also be available.

The existing 2.0-litre biturbo diesel engine will be available, offering 163bhp and 400Nm of torque as well as a combined economy figure of 36.2mpg. New to the range however, will be Volkswagen's semi-automatic DSG gearbox which will debut on the single-cab model but will be availabe on the double-cab shortly after.

Expect to see the Amarok single-cab on sale in early 2011 for around £18,000.

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How refreshing to finally see a proper european Pickup truck coming on the market. Here is Cyprus, the market for twin and single cabs is huge. Not only is it a considered a recreational play thing for the young to middle aged, but even the elderly opt for them for their everyday form of transport, and they are bought exclusively in diesel form. There exists a massive belief that japanese make the most reliable and economical cars. How will they cope with the comparison with the more efficient german motor?

Please stop these silly fashion adverts appearing on the the comments section. This is a motoring comment section not a fashion magazine!!! Disable their access now!

Oh my god, that thing's hideous!

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Maybe VW have money to through away... that's a loser

This vehicle ticks all the tradesman's boxes. It's smart, practical, unfussy and most definitely NOT a lifestyle vehicle. Now all VW have to do is pitch it competitively.

What self respecting builder would want to buy a vehicle that everyone on the site would take the mick out of? Anyway with VW's reliability going down the drain I doubt they'd risk it, no matter what VW call it!