VW Bluesport on hold

VW Concept Bluesport,
1 Oct, 2012 6:33pm Tom Phillips

Plans to build the Volkswagen Bluesport roadster are still on ice, but 50 XL1s will be built next year

Bad news for sports car fans: Dr Ulrich Hackenberg, VW’s board member for product development, has confirmed that the VW Concept Bluesport, revealed at the 2009 Detroit Motor Show is no closer to production.

“The car is fantastic, but the market does not give me the customers. It’s in the back of my garage – and if the market changes we can realise it [production] in two years.”

Although officially a concept, the Bluesport was built bearing the latest MQB chassis in mind. So while the concept was a mid-engined rear-wheel-drive car, the “expensive bits” - as Hackenberg put it - were considered in the two-seater roadster’s design.

However, Hackenberg did confirm that the VW XL1 will make production next year, although it’s not his number one priority. “We are waiting to choose the right location to launch the car. I drove it for 400 to 500 kilometres a few weeks ago and have never been photographed so many times.”

Prices are to be decided, but Hackenberg described it as “strategic”, so it will be based on what VW thinks it can get for the XL1. A run of 50 cars is planned, but Hackenberg added that “the technology has been made for 5,000 cars.”

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Dr. ulrich Hackenberg is asking the market to give him customers to buy the Bluesport so typical of VW! The company needs to do more marketing to create an impression (I need this cool car).

Mr Hackenburg should think again. This is one car VW really should build! They'd be bowled over in the rush!

This has Gotta be the Best looking VW i have EVER SEEN but they don't want to make it because they cant see the customers ARE U CRAZY MAN it would sell like HOT CAKES that's the trouble with these HAMBERGERS IN SUITS they're to scared ov BRAKING THE MOULD they're to SAFE & BORING to worried weather they're going to make the maximum profit.

Simply crazy - I would buy this car the day it rolled into the showroom! My daughter has a beetle,
but other than that there is not another VW I would own! Unless of course they built this one! Hackenberg is out of his mind... The Bluesport is a gorgeous car – it would sale like hot cakes! The XL1? Please - no wonder VM will never be mainstream in the US with execs with his mindset... Talk a chance old guy! Cars sale on looks, and this one is hot - the best one that you guys have NEVER done…

I agree how could you not build this car its beautiful and all the Sky and Solstice owners will jump in this car. We need a new 2 seater like this....Come on VW its a no brainer.

It won't get built as it would rival smaller Porsches