Volkswagen XL1 spy pics

21 Jan, 2013 5:05pm Jack Walsh

The ultra-efficient Volkswagen XL1 will go into production in limited numbers from mid-2013

The Volkswagen XL1 has been spied undergoing further winter testing in Scandinavia, ahead of the production car's launch later this year.

The original concept was revealed 11 years ago, when VW showed a prototype car that could travel 100 kilometres on one litre of diesel, or the equivalent of 282mpg. A two-seater L1 roadster was previewed at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009, and in 2011 it appeared again named as the XL1 at the Qatar Motor show. This latter car returned 310mpg from its 800cc two-cylinder diesel engine.

And it’s this car, the VW XL1, that is expected to be built in limited numbers from mid-2013.

The production XL1 is expected to feature a similar diesel-electric hybrid to the XL1 concept, which includes a 47bhp 800cc TDI two-cylinder diesel engine paired with a 27bhp electric motor and seven-speed dual clutch gearbox.

The XL1 weighs 795kg and is said to return 313mpg and CO2 emissions of just 24g/km. This compares to the Vauxhall Ampera, which can return 235.4mpg and emits 27g/km of CO2. However, while the Ampera can manage the sprint from 0-62mph in 8.7 seconds, the XL1 can only manage it in 11.9 seconds.

Prices will be confirmed closer to the XL1's release date but they're expected to be very similar to that of the Vauxhall, which costs a little over £30,000 after the Government’s EV grant.