VW e-up! owners to get free use of petrol-powered car

Volkswagen e-up! front tracking
3 Jan, 2014 9:36am Jonathan Burn

VW will offer e-up! owners free use of a conventionally-powered car for up to 30 days of the year

VW has announced plans to introduce a scheme where owners of the e-up! city car will be allowed free use of a conventionally-powered vehicle for longer journeys. It’s available as part of VW’s ‘supplementary mobility package’ but is currently only on offer in Germany.

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The idea of the package is to reduce the burden of the limited range associated with electric vehicles. The offer will allow owners to lease a larger or conventionally-powered vehicle for carrying bigger items or covering longer distances for up to 30 days of the year.

Currently available to new and current e-up! owners, buyers have up to three years after the purchase of the car to take up the offer. VW won’t charge customers a fee for the service but there is an undisclosed mileage limit before charges occur.

Prices for the VW e-up! start from £19,250 – inclusive of the £5,000 government grant – with first deliveries beginning in February. It’s powered by an 81bhp electric motor, with VW claiming the e-up! is able to cover up to 93 miles on a single charge – which takes around nine hours from a standard household socket. An optional charging wall box for UK customers is available, which can completely recharge the battery from flat in six hours.

As yet, there is no word on the ‘supplementary mobility package’ being made available in the UK.

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Obviously sales are disappointing.

So basically the concept of an all electric vehicle doesn't work with most peoples lives and they are having to admit defeat!

so VW have basically admitted it doesnt actually work very well in the real world

At a few sterling under £20 grand, Volkswagen needs to offer more than free use of a petrol car to trap any unfortunate customers.
This unreasonably priced four-seat tub makes me wonder how much Volkswagen will ask for when the electric Golf goes on sale?

As an EV driver, I can say, categorically, that they work in the 'real world' But like a 2 seat Lotus is not practical for a family of 5 an EV might not be practical for everyone. Personally My EV is perfect for 95% and for the other 5% I use a free hire car.

Almost the same price as a Prius. Seems no real reason to buy a pure electric car at present unless you never go anywhere in which case why bother at all?