The Volkswagen Experience

8 May, 2014 4:30pm

We recreate the Volkswagen Golf production line, only for humans

Ever wondered what it feels like to be a car? We had the chance to find out by experiencing first hand the exacting process a Volkswagen Golf goes through to ensure its paintwork is finished to the very highest standard.

This involved being dusted with emu feathers, dunked ten times in a bath and scrutinised in a light tunnel by fastidious technicians. Would our man make the grade? Watch the video to find out…

Discover more about the benefits of Volkswagen Engineering.


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What a lot of marketing twaddle - there's nothing different to any other manufacturer in body production terms; I had a Passat from new and my Volkswagen experience was that it broke down three times and even had to have a new starter motor under warranty. No VW, never ever again.

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