VW Beetle Dune concept sketches

9 Jan, 2014 10:24am Jonathan Burn

Sketches of a new VW Beetle Dune concept have been revealed, with a production version a possibility

VW has released sketches of a modern day interpretation of the Beetle Dune concept that was first conceived back in 2000. Set for an official unveiling at the Detroit Motor Show next week, there are reports that the concept could make it into production in 2015.

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The sketches reveal a jacked-up, crossover-style VW Beetle fitted with bulging wheel arches and oversized alloy wheels. Along with the elevated ride height, there’s also rugged-looking body paneling on the underside of the car to protect it when off-roading.

The interior illustration doesn’t stray too far from the look of the standard model but expect to see a few more rugged, hard-wearing materials. 

There is no official word on what engine the Beetle Dune concept will use, but in the interior sketch the gearlever from the six-speed DSG automatic gearbox can be seen – leading to the assumption that 207bhp 2.0-litre TSI petrol engine from the performance-focused GSR Beetle could be fitted.

When the original VW Beetle Dune concept was launched back in 2000, it remained purely a design study. Further information about a possible production version could be revealed at the Detroit Motor Show 2014.