Air fresheners

9 Jan, 2007 (All day) Kim Adams

If you get a nasty niff everytime you open your car door, you need an air freshener

You either love or loathe in-car air fresheners, but there are enough drivers who swear by them to see tens of thous­ands sold every week. And when the market is this big, it’s not surprising buyers have a wide range of fresheners to choose from.

Some manufacturers offer trigger sprays for use only when needed, but we focused on products which hang from the rear view mirror, clip on the air vent or stick to the dashboard. We brought together 19 of the top-sellers to pick the best.


There’s something for all budgets here. The refined Poppy Coral will suit most tastes, but it is pricey. For budget buyers, the Neu­tradol is the top choice. However, our winner, by a convincing margin, is Magic Tree’s Jet Fresh. It offered everything: control, stamina and a pleasing aroma to boot.

1 Magic Tree Jet Fresh
2 Neutradol
3 Richbrook Poppy Coral