Foot pumps

10 Apr, 2007 1:00am

Ten top foot pumps come to blows as they bid to impress our test team. Which gets our vote?

Keep your carbon footprint as small as possible by maintaining the right pressure in your tyres - and there's no more cost-effective way than with a foot pump. The only energy you use is your own and, with your rubber correctly inflated, you'll save money on fuel and wear. The latest pumps are cheap, compact and usable just about anywhere, so there's no excuse for not keeping your rubber at the correct psi. But which delivers the knock-out blow?

The test

Accuracy and pumping power were at the heart of this test. To assess the first, we measured the gauges at several pressures against a calibrated version - the 30psi reading is given here - then saw how much was added with 30 pumps. Points were also given for stability, build quality, hose length and ease of tyre-valve connection. All the products tested here came with adaptors for sports kit and inflatables.


Michelin takes an impressive one-two in this test. The excellent double-barrel pump claims top spot, while its single- barrel stablemate finishes just behind it in second. Draper's value-for-money twin-cylinder unit takes the final spot on the podium in third place.

1 Michelin Twin-Barrel Footpump
2 Michelin Single-Barrel Footpump
3 Draper Twin-Cylinder Foot Pump