Best sat-nav apps 2014

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14 Apr, 2014 4:30pm Henry Willis

Don’t want the expense or hassle of a portable sat-nav? A smartphone app can show you the way. We test 12 of the best.

Smartphones don’t just make it easy for drivers to make hands-free calls or stream music in-car; they also help them find their way, using sat-nav apps.

These pieces of software are great for those who like to keep everything in one neat package. And while the conventional portable sat-navs we tested are still in demand, apps offer pretty much all the same features – and prove that the future of in-car navigation could be smartphone-led. We put 12 apps, available for a range of mobiles, through their paces.

How we tested them

We picked out 12 sat-nav apps for testing on an iPhone 5S. We looked for sensible routing, accuracy and clear instructions. Apps with bonus features like traffic data scored highly, as did those that stored maps offline, on the phone – they take up more memory, but work if you don’t have Web access and stop you using up your data allowance. Marks were awarded to apps available on multiple platforms.


CoPilot impressed, putting in another polished performance. It is concise and reliable, plus the bonus features keep it on top. TomTom’s app is a close second, while Waze is great for a free app.

1. CoPilot Premium Europe
2. TomTom Western Europe
3. Waze

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Tom Tom is crap for Ireland, takes you up one way streets & all,crap directions.It was send me halfway up to Dublin(wrong Driection) from Cork when i wanted to go back to Limerick. Garmin is way better for ireland

Below 5mph CoPilot turns off gps. So in stop start traffic you can miss your turn completey.