In-car camera reviews - 2014 dash cam test

13 Feb, 2014 11:45am

In-car cameras can record valuable footage in the event of a crash. We pick from eight top dash cams

A dashboard camera is fast becoming a must-have for drivers, as it can record valuable footage in the event of a crash. In-car cameras can provide real peace of mind, as the evidence it provides can be relied on in court should the worst happen.

The devices record in a constant loop on to their memory cards, and most use GPS to recognise when you come to a sudden halt – in the event of a crash – so that the all-important footage isn’t overwritten.

Our prices here range from £80 to £250, so what should you look for when buying a camera? We tested eight to find the best all-rounder.

How we tested them

The ability to capture footage in all conditions is vital, so we tested each camera during the day and at night. We also played back the footage once it had been captured and took into account the computer review process.

The ease of installation was rated, too. Just as crucial is a cam’s ability to detect a crash, so we rated each device’s gravity sensor by simulating an incident with a sudden and sharp braking manoeuvre. The prices quoted are the best we could find from a variety of online retailers at the time of testing.


Transcend's DrivePro 200 left the best impression before price was even taken into account. Yet at £89.99, it’s a snip, and the cheapest of the eight cameras on test. The Roadhawk DC-1 was excellent in practice, and let itself down only in the fact that it doesn’t have a screen. The HP F210 Car Camcorder was slick and easy to use, although a poor response from the G-sensor restricted it to third.

1. Transcend DrivePro 200
2. Roadhawk DC-1
3. HP F210 Car Camcorder

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What a rubbish review. So basically you omitted by far the biggest and best car camera make... Blackvue... Lol

I have the road hawk and it's laughable compared to my two Blackvue 500 cameras

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