Used buyer's guide: Ford Fiesta

6 Nov, 2012 11:00am Richard Dredge

Soon-to-be-facelifted Fiesta supermini is a fine used buy at a bargain price


In the four years since it first landed in showrooms here, the MkVI Fiesta has collected three Best Supermini crowns at Auto Express’s annual New Car Awards – and deservedly so. It’s a truly excellent supermini. Due to its popularity, supply is plentiful, so you won’t have to search hard to find one. Plus, dealers are always willing to haggle – so you can pick one up for not a lot of money, which makes the Fiesta one of the best used buys around.

What to look for

• The interior trim can creak, squeak and rattle – and a permanent fix for this often proves frustratingly elusive.
• Rear three-quarter visibility isn’t especially good, so scraped bumpers aren’t uncommon.
• Diesel Fiestas can be hesitant at low speeds, which makes quick getaways from junctions tricky.

Ask your local Ford dealer about any offers it’s running; you might be able to get a new Fiesta for less than some sellers are asking for a recent used model.

Diesels cost more than petrol cars, so do your sums to check it’s worth paying the extra. Also make sure TDCis are driven regularly to prevent particulate filter problems.

Three-door Fiestas look stylish, but access to the rear is awkward, so if you’re likely to carry more than one passenger frequently, you’re better off going for a five-door.


Impressively, this generation of Fiesta has only been recalled once so far. This was back in December 2011, and focused on a blanking plug in the exhaust system. It was prone to failure, which could allow exhaust fumes into the cabin and cause the engine’s cooling fan shroud to melt because of excessive heat.

The problem affected 5,857 cars built between July and November 2011, and to cure it, dealers simply fitted a redesigned plug, and did it up more tightly.

Check out the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) website for up-to-date recall information.

Driver Power

Our view:
The MkVI Fiesta peaked at 35th in our annual Driver Power satisfaction survey in 2010, but slipped to 50th in 2011 and 64th this year. Owners criticised its reliability, performance, comfort and practicality – yet it scored on handling and running costs.

Your view:
Jamie Lowden from Stafford loves his 2010 Fiesta Econetic. “It’s great fun to drive, feels well built and is gutsy for an eco special,” he said. “I return 60-65mpg, but best of all is the price – with some haggling, you can get it really low.”


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