New Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept: details and pics

15 Apr, 2014 1:34pm Steve Fowler

New three-model Land Rover Discovery range previewed by Discovery Vision Concept at New York Motor Show 2014

Most impressive of all is the smart glass. This not only acts as a head-up display for traditional instruments, sat-nav and the innovative Transparent Bonnet; it also means info can be displayed on every glass panel (even the roof) for driver and passengers.

Combined with eye tracking and sat-nav, it can apparently spot if a passenger is looking at a landmark, then display information about it on the glass. With gesture control, the passenger can then swipe the info to their 10-inch seatback infotainment screen or their smartphone. Of course, there’s Wi-Fi, too.

The laser headlights complement laser terrain scanning and laser referencing to boost the Discovery’s off-road ability, while the pièce de résistance could well be Remote Control Drive. It works at low speed, so you can operate the car from outside for extreme off-roading or simply driving through tight gates.

Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept seats

From playing catch-up, Land Rover is trying to position itself as a technology leader. But McGovern told us this is being done with a purpose: “It’s about technologies that are enabling versatility, not technology for the sake of it.”

The first of the production Discovery models will be the Freelander-replacing baby Discovery that we believe will be called Discovery Sport. We’ll see the production version later this year. That’ll be followed by a replacement for the full-size Discovery later in 2015.

Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept: top 5 technology highlights 

Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept transparent bonnet

1. Invisible bonnet - Land Rover will let drivers see what front wheels are doing by using range of cameras to relay image on to head-up display.

2. Gesture control - Space-age feature is used to operate everything from doors to lights and indicators – and even the rotary gearshift.

3. Smart Glass - Acts as head-up display for sat-nav and instruments, plus can display info on every panel (even the roof) for driver and passengers.

4. Lasers - Laser terrain scanning and laser referencing boost Discovery’s already legendary off-road ability. It’s got laser headlights, too.

5. Remote drive - Clever Remote Control Drive works at low speed, allowing operation from outside the car – very useful for extreme off-roading.

What do you think about the Discovery Vision Concept and Land Rover's plan for a three-model Discovery range? Is the famous British brand going in the right direction? Join the debate in the comments section below...


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That looks s***, hate what is happening to one of my favourite car brands. The glitz is ruining them for me. Sounds like they haven't even sorted out reliability with the new Range Rovers... see suspension knocking noises + L405. This just looks like someone has shoved a straw up an Evoque's a*** and blown really hard. Missed opportunity. Oh, it'll sell, because people will buy them as a bit of flash around the world. But part of me wishes it would not.

Brilliant just brilliant .Makes the German lot look what they always have 2 nd rate . they just want to be in a power struggle with themselves,with this new L R its the way forward. its interior is a master stroke.PLUS when its made it will go anywhere rather than blocking Sainsbury car parking lots which seems to be case with Audi & BMW.When was the last time a Q 5 was seen up to its wading height in mud and water . Sorry it might get dirty that,s why Porsches attempt is also a poor alternative . Go L R you know what your doing even though many doubters are knocking this latest LR. Like to hear their comment when L R will say its on a years waiting if your lucky

Looks good. I'm not sure about gesture control though; never had a bumble bee in the car? That could be fun or it could not.

LR have turned to penny-pinching ebrochures on their website now. Their attitude being if you want a brochure made out of paper, ask a dealer. I asked my dealer, who after what seemed like an eternity and left me feeling as if I'd asked for half an hour in bed with his wife, finally handed over a rather scruffy 2013 model year brochure. Sorry LR, you've just lost a customer with your penny-pinching ways.Bring back paper brochures on your website so those of us who prefer them can order them without hassle!

I don't get it. What's the difference between Land Rover and Range Rover these days? Price?

I went to my local Toyota dealer for a chat about a GT86. He said certainly, and asked me for my email address. I asked for a proper brochure, and he told me that they didn't carry them anymore?
Perhaps he thought I wasn't worthy? Regardless, I'll be off to my local Subaru dealer to talk BRZ - too bad Toyota.

Hurrah! The new Ford Explorer is finally here!!!

Looks like L R have bought some old SAAB designs.

Again similar design, not special at all. LR designers should have done a better job with this concept, looks far to much RR and RR Sport. Nice car for the Beckhams...., that says it all.

Toyota brochures are available to order online in paper form, they certainly do still do them. Dealers are terrible to ask for brochures from, you get the third degree. If ordering online for paper brochures, make up a false email address and put 00000000000 as your fone number, they still post out, and they can't get in touch with you then either. Or, pay a couple of quid for one off ebay!No hassles, no annoying follow-up emails or calls etc.

now we know what happens when an Evoke and a randy RR sport are left in a barn overnight. Now we will be too afraid to go off road incase we scratch the bodywork. No longer a true Range Rover

Beckhams = Cadillac Escalade.

Good stuff, I really like the way these cars are going. The small minded folk won't get it, but these are a step ahead. Brilliant.

And your issue is, Most manufactures do not carry paper brochures anymore, I cant see what your issue, is, you can view what you want on your computer, when you want, you dont have to go to a dealer to be harassed or pushed towards talking about a car until you are ready, it save money yes, also it saves paper, because 99.9% of people just bin them, and I for one prefer to have it online, like the majority of people do.

And when your ready you can go to the dealer fully armed with all the info and not have to be bullied into anything you dont want.

Well that's ok then, as it is not Range Rover, don't you know the difference, or does someone need to show you a Range Rover and a Discovery ? because if you cant tell the difference, then you really need to pop along to Specsavers.

I just love these people that see a bandwagon and jump on to make them feel part of something.

This is the new D4, the new face of Discovery and Freelander (D2) with all new legislation, and differing laws around the world, cars are being built the same, they have to be if they want to sell on some places.

I like this car a great deal, and cant wait to try it out, OFF ROAD, where it will, as always, excel.

I agree, the car will still be a Discovery, like the MK1 or MK4, it will still go through mud, water and massive hills, better than everything else, and now it has the looks to definitely beat the opposition.

Most here do not understand that ALL concepts have things on to make you smile, but will never get to the real thing, but saying that, I am sure these people, if they were around way back when, would say the same at Seat Belts, ABS, Airbags, Auto gearboxes, and more, it's best to ignore them, they wont go away, but with each post they make, they make themselves look far more dumb.

I do know the difference, as I own one! My comment was aimed at the whole family of Land Rover, including discos, sportys, freelanders, etc. This new model is a mix of porche, bmw, quashqui or whatever it is called, in other words, no identity, no style and does not look as if anyone would want to take it off road. A matter of choice, but as this comment column is for people to voice their opinions, your attitude hardly fits, arrogance and ignorance has no place here.

HAH, you are funny, and not in a good way, Ignorant, nah, I am far from Ignorant, especially where JLR are concerned, I have forgotten more about the history of these companies than most ever know, as for arrogant, maybe, but then, if comments like yours were not so stupid, I would not feel the need to be so

Have a very good evening

It aint a Ranger, you do realise that dont ya ?

It is a new Discovery Vision Concept, with a number of styling cues from the current and previous LR4/Disco generations !

please note; it is you are or you're, not your! a pity that these pages have slipped into bad mouthing instead of the intelligent comments we have become used to. Perhaps a note to the Editor will sort this out, such a pity to lose so good an article just because a couple of posters think they are writing on some childish social website

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Please note, that just because you have a Doctorate, does not preclude you from being totally and utterly rude, "lets all go and call teh teacher to try and get the thread removed", well lets hope so, because Your Ignorance is very much to the fore.

Seems like he would rather pick holes in peoples grammer, rather than actually admit he was wrong, never mind, he obviously has ideals of Grandeur

You haven't been reading this website for long, I can tell.

Nissan, chevrolet and mitsubishi are the minority of online brochures only. All other manufacturers give you the option to order them. It is very inconvenient only having ebrochures - check out the amount of people buying them off ebay who are collectors the world over. My gripe is, you should be allowed the choice. I was told by land rover uk to ask dealer for a brochure, they will be happy to supply, so i have emailed every dealer asking for one - less than 25% have actually responded.......figures which i will pass on to LR UK and see the outcome.

7 seats but without luggage compartment? A car in which you can't carry any luggage? Where am I supposed to carry my bags? on my knees? Without luggage compartment? Are you sure this is a car?

I beleave Landrover is taking the lead in suv technolgy