Peugeot extends Just Add Fuel scheme

11 May, 2012 8:47pm Richard Ingram

Peugeot has extended its Just Add Fuel scheme include drivers from 21 years of age

The Peugeot ‘Just Add Fuel’ programme has been extended. The scheme offers three years free insurance, warranty, servicing, tax and roadside assistance for finance buyers.

Until now, the deal was only available to drivers aged 25 and over. But Peugeot has now extended the offer to allow drivers over 21 to run its smallest model, the 107, for £253 per month over three years.

The cost is dependent on the spec of each car, your postcode and age. A Peugeot spokesperson said: “We’ve had a great response from customers eligible for the existing Just Add Fuel scheme, so widening the offer seemed like the natural next step to help keep young drivers on the road.”

Models from the 207 upwards are still restricted to those 25 and over.

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I'm sure the Peugeot website says that you can have both the 207 and the 308 with Just Add Fuel for 21 year olds for a bigger payemnt per month. Am I wrong?

Seems a reasonable way for someone 21 to get on the road if they've just passed since you could be looking at 3-4k for your first years Insurance anyway...

The Just Add Fuel scheme seems such a good idea, although the under 100gm emissions mean free mvl, at the moment at least.
Inclusive insurance is another bonus and the all-in price does seem attractive, particularly if you've not long passed your test.
If Peugeot had introduced the 108 I might have been tempted, although the 208 1.2 litre 3 cylinder models are probably what i should go after.

I might be wrong, but isn't this scheme a contract hire scheme, so you never actually own the car, great possibly for the younger drivers but its dead money. And yes the new 107 is dated now..