Renault Twin-Z Concept

8 Apr, 2013 11:30am Luke Madden

Official pictures of the new Renault Twin-Z Concept, which previews the look of the next Twingo

The next-generation Renault Twingo has been previewed with this, the Twin-Z concept car. It was styled with the help of British designer Ross Lovegrove and unveiled at a furniture show in Milan, Italy, earlier this week.

This car – and its sister concept, the TwinFun – shows us what to expect from the next Twingo’s styling, plus it points to an electric version. The small, rounded headlights are clearly set to feature, as are the minuscule overhangs front and rear, and wide grille. At the back, the window will blend into a gloss black bootlid panel, as on the VW up!.

Importantly, the Twin-Z is a five-door – the TwinFun is a three-door – but Renault will offer the production Twingo as a five-door only. Its backwards-opening rear doors are unlikely to make showrooms, although a spokesman did confirm the production car would feature a “surprise”.

This is on top of the “unexpected technical innovation” mentioned to Auto Express by Renault marketing boss Stephen Norman – which we now know to be the Twingo’s rear-engined, rear-wheel-drive layout.

The Twin-Z is powered by a 67bhp electric motor and four battery packs under the floor, freeing up masses of cabin space and lowering the centre of gravity to boost handling.

An electric Twingo Z.E. is certain as Renault leads the way in bringing EVs to the UK, and the Twingo’s sister car – the new Smart ForFour – will be offered with battery power. Three-cylinder petrol and diesel versions are also expected.

Inside, the Twin-Z is pure concept, but Renault is focusing on maximising space – the company has suggested the Twingo will be 71mm longer, and thus more roomy, than the Fiat 500.