Volkswagen T-ROC concept makes its debut

3 Mar, 2014 9:55pm Nick Gibbs

New Volkswagen T-ROC SUV at the Geneva Motor Show previews a sub-Tiguan Golf-sized model for 2016

This is the new Volkswagen T-ROC concept, which previews an SUV to possibly sit between the forthcoming up!-based Taigun and the Tiguan.

"The Taigun we will do, it has a good chance, this [the T-ROC] has an even bigger chance, the Tiguan is already done and the Touareg is a certainty," Klaus Bishoff, head of VW design told us.

The three-door T-ROC has surprised Geneva Motor Show visitors with its radical styling. Its large, round headlamps echo the Nissan Juke’s, while the high-mounted honeycomb grille and lower sill guard create the feeling that this four-wheel-drive car could excel off-road. At the back, the bold circular themes are repeated above the exhausts, while the geometrical LED lights sit up high.

The concept uses the same MQB platform as the Golf and other VW Group cars, but here it’s shrunk to 4,179mm in length to match supermini SUVs such as the Renault Captur. VW claims its Golf GTD 181bhp 2.0-litre diesel would push the T-ROC from 0-62mph in 6.9 seconds and average 58mpg. A seven-speed DSG sends power through the 4MOTION drivetrain using three modes for on-road, off-road or on-snow motoring.

Partial open-air driving is available via a removable roof section that’s stored in the boot, much like the system on the Jeep Renegade. The cabin boasts an iPad-like 12.3-inch touchscreen, which can show images from outboard-mounted cameras that reveal any tricky under-wheel terrain.

Don't expect the removeable roof to make production, although there's still a chance of three and a five-door production versions. "The removeable roof is a designer's dream, we'll need to convince the board about that one. Making a three-door is just a question of how many people buy it, but we haven't ruled it out," Bishoff told us. 

A production version of the T-ROC would give VW a much-needed rival to the Captur, Nissan Juke, Dacia Duster, Peugeot 2008 and Vauxhall Mokka, but it’s not due until 2016.

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If VW made this it would be so out of character. They are so dull and conservative that the average Audi/VW customer is likely to defecate on the spot if they saw one of these with a VW badge on.

Absolutely agree. One can have dull, as exemplified by VW as you observe, or outrageous as demonstrated by the Juke or certain BMW Group products. Somewhere in the middle lies flair, which, despite the amounts spent on motor styling, is a very rare quality. The vehicle now under consideration gives the impression that various substances may have been consumed. Surely not?

If this had been shown without the VW badge I'd have said it was the Nissan Juke facelift.

The average Audi/VW customer is more numerous than any other makers customers so they must be doing something right in much the same way as Toyota with all it's dull products.
Perhaps the majority prefer dull and conservative rather than pretty and unreliable.

Mr. Average in fact! Let's just hope he does get something reliable as well as dull for the particular assembly line which a vehicle passes down seems more significant than the label on the front. Differences in dependability between makes are not enormously significant nowadays anyway.

Wow! Nissan should feel very flattered....

Are they serious? they are going to release a car that is going to be pronounced Turok? there will be jokes about rolling dinosaurs left, right and centre! Did they not learn from the examples of the toe-rag, I mean twareg?

Without the VW Badge, I would've sworn that this was a Nissan. Its like if the Juke got the more angular styling from the Qashqai MK II.

But I'm a fan of Nissan's insane styling (I'm in the "Juke is not a Joke" camp) and therefore I like this VW. If VW had the balls to release something as weird and wonderful as this (I imagine they wont), I'd totally buy it!

As former owner of an AlfaSud Sprint, I can confirm that pretty does not make up for unreliability.