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The BMW 3 Series Coupe becomes the 4 Series, and one of the best-looking new BMWs money can buy

Stunning looks, powerful engines, interior practicality
Optional dampers needed, more expensive than before, noisy diesels

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The sixth-generation BMW 3 Series is the benchmark choice in the compact executive sector. But it’s far from exclusive, with just shy of 25,000 finding homes in the UK to date this year. So if you want something that stands out on the road, the new BMW 4 Series promises all the traditional strengths of the 3 Series with an added dollop of style.



You're making a style statement when buying a coupe, so first impressions count. Fortunately, the 4 Series hits the spot. While the relationship to the 3 Series is obvious, the bonnet is the only thing the two cars share on the outside, and the 4 Series really stands out with its swept-back lights and flowing proportions. The newcomer is longer, lower and wider than the 3 Series Coupe it replaces, and the rear wheelarches are the widest point of the car, which only adds to its athleticism. SE models come equipped with 17-inch wheels, xenon lights and black vents in the famous BMW kidney grille. Our test model came with the £425 optional 18-inch wheels and £645 metallic paint, while buyers can spend an extra £3,000 to upgrade to the M Sport model, which is marked out by more aggressive bumpers, side skirts and detailing.

Inside, the layout will be familiar to anyone who’s driven a 3 Series, with the same combination of an upmarket feel and a simple and smart layout. Highlights include the slender buttons for the air-con and audio system, as well as the excellent central infotainment screen, while the 4 Series also benefits from BMW’s revised touchpad iDrive controller.

Standard kit includes Bluetooth, a DAB radio, cruise control, leather seats and an extended interior lighting pack, while our car was given more of a special feel by its £230 brushed aluminium trim, £215 anthracite headlining and £1,990 Professional Media Pack and navigation. As you’d expect, fit and finish are first rate, with top-notch materials used throughout. Better still, a low-set driving position enhances the car’s sporty personality.



As it sits 10mm lower to the road than a 3 Series saloon, the 4 Series has the lowest centre of gravity of any model in the current BMW range. Add a wider rear track, plus springs and dampers that have been tuned for the coupe, and it’s no surprise that the new car feels even more engaging from behind the wheel than the 3 Series saloon. Sharp, fast and accurate steering is matched to a lovely rear-wheel-drive handling balance, while there’s plenty of feedback, too. A little bit of body movement is noticeable, but aside from a slightly rigid ride at low speeds – on account of the run-flat tyres – the BMW is smooth enough.

In our most recent test, the 4 Series came equipped with the £750 optional Adaptive M Sport suspension, but without it, the car doesn’t have the taut body control of the AMG version of the Mecedes C-Class Coupe. If you want tighter responses, there’s always the M Sport version. Even so, the SE is lighter and faster to respond than its rivals here. You get sharp throttle response, especially with the Drive Performance Control set to Sport mode – this setting also provides the best steering weighting for keen drivers. There’s a bit of vibration in the gearlever during the operation of the stop-start system, and as with all four-cylinder BMW diesels, the engine rattles a bit at low revs and at idle. But the 181bhp 2.0-litre smooths out when worked hard and is hushed at cruising speeds. Specifying an auto transmission adds £1,525 to the price and lowers emissions by 3g/km, but the standard six-speed manual box offers a beautifully precise shift action.

BMW has added its xDrive four-wheel drive system to the range this time. It comes as standard on cars with the most powerful 435d diesel engine, and gives the 4 Series a planted, secure feel on the road. It also allows you to make the most of the engine's power when accelerating out of tight bends, and increases the front-end's willingness to hold its line through corners. As the xDrive system hangs lower under the car, it can't be had with the lowered M Sport suspension, although adaptive dampers can be fitted as they don't affect the ride height. 



The BMW 4 Series uses many of the same mechanical and electronic components as the current 3 Series, so you can buy the coupe safe in the knowledge that it should be trouble-free. BMW offers a three-year unlimited mileage warranty and 36 months’ roadside assistance. BMW was the 15th- placed manufacturer in our Driver Power 2013 satisfaction survey, although its showrooms finished a disappointing 24th out of 31 in the dealer ranking – one place behind Audi – with owners critical of expensive repairs. As you’d expect, you can pack your 4 Series with extra safety kit, including lane departure warning, a reversing camera, a head-up display and active cruise control.



Despite being a two-door coupe, the 4 Series is surprisingly practical. All models come with an automatic bootlid release – as long as you have the car key in your pocket, a simple wave of your foot under the rear bumper will open the boot. The boot is large too, and just 35-litres smaller than the 3 Series saloon. The rear seat has space for two adults, although headroom is compromised slightly by the curve of the roof. Even so its more spacious in the back than cars like the Mercedes C-Class coupe and Audi A5 Coupe - it's main premium rivals. Up front, there’s plenty of room and good all-round visibility despite the lower seating positon when compared to a 3 Series. BMW’s optional ConnectedDrive is available, allowing the car to connect to the internet and give you accurate real-time traffic alerts. xDrive four-wheel drive versions are sure to be popular in the mixed weather conditions we get in the UK while the new flagship 435d twin-turbo diesel will come with the all-wheel drive system as standard.

Running Costs


The 4 Series costs around £3,000 more than the equivalent 3 Series to buy, but each coupe claims marginally better performance and claimed fuel economy and CO2 figures. As ever, mpg will fall and costs will increase if you drive hard, but the 4 Series’ aerodynamic body will help cut fuel bills on a long motorway cruise. It’s worth considering the optional eight-speed automatic gearbox. Not only is it smooth and quick to change gear, cars with the auto claim better fuel economy. Overall, the 420d takes some beating. Emissions of just 124g/km mean low tax bills for company car drivers. Adding to the financial appeal – and making it easy for BMW owners to budget for maintenance – is a fixed-price servicing package, which provides five years or 50,000 miles of cover for just £425. The icing on the cake is the class-leading 51.5 per cent residual prediction, which means the BMW will be worth around £4,000 more than its rivals after three years.

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New model (well new name) yet still as ugly as sin!! When are they going to ditch that awful grill and lights!!

so speaks an envious person who cant afford a BMW........

Baaaa, so speaks a sheep..

Anyone who describes this car as ugly needs a trip to specsavers.

I could understand an argument about the price, or the ride being hard... But the attractiveness... Sorry but that's just bitter BMW hater talk which everyone can see straight through.

What a ridiculous, absolutely ludicrous, and frankly embarrassing comment. There are literally billions of BMWs clogging up the roads today. Virtually everyone has one/had one, and those that don't simply do not want one - otherwise they'd buy one! The vast majority of BMWs are family cars/rep mobile diesels and are probably worth less than £10k, or are company "rep-mobiles" (worth £12k when back on the forecourt!) and are considered "run of the mill" and "ordinary" and many are worth less than a new Ford KA (which most of these BMW drivers probably couldn't afford, if you checked their income or bank accounts). Why is it that BMW drivers always bleat on about how "everyone else is jealous" or "envious"? Comments like that speak volumes about many people who drive BMWs today. You are very much deluded my friend, and I suspect that that delusional image is the primary reason why you bought a BMW in the first place.

Hahahahaha bless ya little cotton socks, I don't pay for my cars they are bought brand new for me at what ever spec I would like, not only could I afford the 4 series I could crash it for fun and have another one given to me free of charge. Who's envious now??

Spot on Petrol head! It just makes me laugh that those BMW die hards are happy to be ripped off so much when buying new. They are over priced, under spec'ed and literally nothing special at all. I would rather have a Mondeo than a 3. Its less common, has better equipment, a nicer ride (no stupid run flats!!) and more space. If you remove the badge and let people see on paper about each car I would bet no one would pick the BMW.

Paddy Stig, I don't hate BMW's I have driven an M3 and would own one as a track car in a heartbeat as long as I didn't have to look at it. I just don't understand them and looks of a car is always subjective. Its down to my OPINION and I do not like the kidney grill and the circle lights that haven't changed much in the last 20 years. The styling down the flanks looks like a pure after thought along with the silly little grill in the front wing.

For example, some people think the ginger one from Girls Aloud is ugly, I'd donk it all night long! All in the eyes of the beholder and this monstrosity does not catch my eye in the slightest and don't even get me started on the interior!

Wow. At least you can clearly see that it is a BMW. They could have just made the badge 20X bigger like they have with most other cars these days. Obviously a love / hate thing I would have thought. Can't please everyone.

Oh dear! Love 'em or hate 'em, they will still sell well new and used. Millions of us out there can't all be wrong! True, the styling went awry with the "Bangle Bungle" era but the leasing fleets bought them by the transporter load and the Company car pecking order included them and Merc C classes. Lots of Company Car drivers ditched the Omegas and Mondeos - especially the later bloated and ugly ones - and drove Beemers and Mercs.

Disappointingly bland 'ovoid looks

Totally agree with you 'PetrolHead' -couldn't have put it better myself! What these die hard BMW fanboys seem to forget is that pretty much every motorist could own a BMW if they wanted too - especially used. I am one such person - I have never owned a BMW or any any other obvious 'prestige' brand yet I could quite easily if I wanted too. I choose to drive a car which I feel has all the ability of an equivalent BMW etc but doesn't carry a 'prestige' badge.

What's up with the gay little exhaust pipes? Even on the 435i?! They brought forward a great looking prototype and launched another crap! Extremely disappointing. I own the e63 and e60. They're older models, but at least I can tell them apart. Everyone saw Audi's mistake from a few years back, all their cars looked the same. They are fixing it, while BMW, never having this problem, wants it now. Fire your one-hit crappy designer and hire a guy that who won't slack off and just perpetuate a design throughout your whole line of cars. ;-)

what is your job? and how does one get that job? and put in a word for me, cool?

Consider it done pal. "Random guys says can he have a job?" "yeah no problem!" ;)

Was looking forward to the 4 series, but there's something that don't look quite right with the front of this car. Whether its the pinched grilled or slanted lights. It looks awkward. The 3 coupe was a balanced good looking car.

£3k more for 2 less doors and dodgy access to the rear seats - and 4 seats, not 5? Nope, I'll stick with my 3 series thankyou! However, it will sell to the 30 something "professional" wanabees with no kids
so good luck to 'em!

This is the best looking BMW to date. I don't understand all this whining about its looks and prices. Don't like it, can't afford it or can't be arsed? Then move along!! Nobody is forcing it on you!

Last updated: 7 Oct, 2013
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