BMW i3 spy pictures

27 Dec, 2012 5:44pm Tom Phillips

The best pictures yet of the new BMW i3 supermini testing near the company’s base in Munich

These are the best pictures yet of the BMW i3, spied testing near the firm’s R&D base in Munich. The electric i3 supermini is scheduled to makes its public debut in production-ready form at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, before going on sale here at the end of 2013.

The i3 test mule seen here is the most complete that we’ve yet seen, and now has production ready head- and tail-lights, and proper doors, rather than the see-through ones seen on the original i3 concept. The skinny tyres and aerodynamic wheels look set to make the leap from concept to reality.

Marketed under the tagline of ‘Born Electric’ the BMW i3, and the forthcoming BMW i8 supercar, are the first models to be offered from BMW’s new ‘i’ sub-brand.

The i3 has been designed as an electric car from the ground up, and will be offered with a 125kW (168bhp) electric motor with batteries giving an all-electric range of around 100 miles.

The firm is also planning to offer the option of a REx petrol-powered range extender engine, giving a range equivalent to a modern supermini

As well as an innovative powertrain, the i3 will be built from a new carbon fibre reinforced composite that’s made in-house at a special plant in Seattle, USA.

Its body has been designed to take advantage of the packaging benefits of an electric powertrain to offer more interior space than a conventional supermini, and a 200-litre boot.

Alongside the four-door i3, BMW hasn’t ruled out building the sportier three-door version of the car it showed as the i3 Coupe Concept at the LA Motor Show at a later date.

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The BMW I3 looked more stunning in concept. That may be down to a combination of studio lighting and the two-tone colour scheme. This camouflaged mule seems to have taken a hint or two from Citroen DS3 and the Fiat's expanding family of 500 i.e. the floating C-Pillar. Spy pictures tend to be deceptive.

BMW I3 is an exciting car ineed. It will catapult world's largest premium car maker into the world of electric powered and hybrid cars which until then uncharacterisitically remains predominantly Japanese domain.

Here's a thought, change 160bhp and 100 mile range to 90 bhp and 200 mile range...

its pug ugly, but wait its got a bmw badge so it will be the latest greatest thing out of stutgart... whether its crap or not......

A cars aesthetic merit is purely subjective, I'm sure
many find the concept versions quite good, and certainly better looking than cars like the Nissan Leaf. Also, BMW don't have any production facilities in Stuttgart, I think you mean Munich?Whether its crap or not? Well your post positively reeked of resentment of BMW, and hints most indiscreetly that in your opinion this car will be crap. Well, IMO, a car that is state-of-the-art in every way can hardly be called "crap", can it? And whereas cars like the Leaf are criticised for being priced too high, with the i3 it will be some way justified with its CFRP chassis ( which, remember until now was the
reserve of the most expensive supercars )
and of course premium badge.

It won't be crap, it will certainly be high-quality and nice inside. However, the point still stands, it is butt-ugly, like most other BMW's.