BMW recruits Hollywood director for arty i8 ads

BMW i8 side
19 May, 2014 12:01pm Sam Naylor

Three new ads from Oscar-nominated director Gus Van Sant aim to promote the hybrid BMW i8

Car adverts can be funny, exciting, impressive or underwhelming, but it's not often that a big-name Hollywood director is brought in to create something special to promote a car.

The BMW i8 is a very unique car, with its clever hybrid power train and concept car looks, so the brand has put together three new adverts with the help of Gus Van Sant, director of Good Will Hunting, Finding Forrester and Milk.

The Oscar-nominated (twice for Best Director) filmmaker spent some time directing TV ads before turning his attention to feature films and BMW clearly felt he was the best man to convey its classy i8 message.

The three BMW i8 ads include actors Mickey Sumner, Sam Hazeldine and Michael Pitt respectively, and each video covers a different theme - Attitude, Power and Genesis.

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