Facelifted Citroen C3 Picasso revealed

27 Sep, 2012 9:10am Tom Phillips

New look and new options for the revised Citroen C3 Picasso

This is the facelifted Citroen C3 Picasso, which has made its debut at the Paris Motor Show.

The revised C3 Picasso gets a revised front bumper, which incorporates LED daytime running lights, plenty of chrome trim, and new foglights with integrated cornering lights. At the front, it gets Citroen’s latest double chevron badge and grille.

Buyers will be able to opt for one of two new paint colours – pearlescent white or ink blue.

There are new interior trim options, too, including a new cloth upholstery and optional Mistral Claudia leather. The C3 Picasso can also now be had with Citroen’s eMyWay satellite navigation system, which includes an audio jack plug, USB sockets and a Bluetooth hands-free kit.

Other new features include an electrochrome interior rearview mirror and a roof console at the front of the cabin with LED ambient lighting.

The new Citroen C3 Picasso will go on sale in the UK early nexy year. Specification and pricing will be announced closer to the launch.

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Did you forget to show pics of the new one?

As hideous as before. Oh Citroen, where has the design spirit of DS, GS and CX disappeared to? Your current designs are tragic.

If this is a face lift, it must be

The Bride of Wildenstein!

Merely a matter of opinion I fear. If Citroen were looking back at the past for design inspiration in the manner of Mini, they would be in the same stylistic mess as the latter which IMHO they are not.
I am sure when the original DS came out there were similar mutterings from the tweed jacketed that it should have looked back more to the Rosalie and Light 15.

Pete, totally upset about..... about what??
It's 2013, not 1973. Cit builds darn nice cars.

I am not looking for a retro design, I am looking for something that just blows your mind like the first sight of DS or CX did. No chance of that with the current tacky designs.

As I said before, purely a matter of opinion. Whilst I think the DS3 is one of the few examples of current motor design with any flair at all, others are entitled to a differing view. There was plenty of tut tutting about the DS in its heyday from the "friends of the Austin Cambridge". What we have nowadays is a related tut tutting from those of a similar mindset but expressed slightly differently.
The GS was a disaster mechanically and nothing to be nostalgic about in any way.

I certainly hold no torches for Citroen's record on mechanical reliability, I foolishly had a BX once . . . never again. It is purely the looks I am talking about. Citroen could have mended their disastrous mechanical reputation without ditching their design values. I am baffled that anyone can think the DS3, or any other of the new DS brand demonstrate flair - but each to his own.

Ah! I suspected an unfortunate experience had produced a jaundiced opinion. My experiences, with those of my immediate family, are quite different.