Citroen DS 5SL teased

Citroen DS 5SL front
12 Dec, 2013 4:52pm Jonathan Burn

Teaser images preview the new Citroen DS 5SL to be sold in China

Citroen has released teaser images of the new DS 5SL saloon, aimed solely at the Chinese market. The official announcement from Citroen states, ‘On December 19th a new DS premium class sedan will be revealed: DS 5LS. Save the date!’

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The images don’t give too much away but they do give us a sneak peak at the alloy wheel design, angular headlights and rounded taillights inspired by the DS Wild Rubis concept. It will be based on the DS5 but have a more practical saloon body.

It will be produced in collaboration with Chinese manufacturer Dongfeng, which will help build on the expansion of the Citroen brand. Shipping cars to markets like China as well as Brazil and Russia is becoming a vital part of manufacturers’ growth.

The DS 5SL will be officially unveiled on December 19 at a special event to be held at The Louvre in Paris, ahead of likely sales in China in the first quarter of 2014.

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...or rather, the DS 5LS! As in lounge saloon/sedan :-)

Citroen just bring back your Hydroneumatic suspension, as your D S 5 has a too hard ride was thinking of one but its just too too German its ride .Bring back DS of the past qualities

Unfortunately, Citroen has seen that this is what the market demands. Germanic saloons with no suspension whatsoever such that they can lap the nurburgring 0.5s quicker.

The C5 adverts even played on this fact!

The C6 was the last hurrah of the Hydropneumatic Citroens of old. Get used to rebodied Peugeot suspension systems - which themselves used to be a nice compromise of ride and handling, but recently have also fallen into the "stiff as possible" trap.

I like the Citroen DS 5SL that has been teased

Trouble is sirwiggum Your right .What was once Citroen,s trump card has been laid to rest . We don,t all want out teeth forcibly removed by driving bone shakers , me thinks the NHS is involved to cut down dental cost. Mind it will increase back problems which are more expensive !!!