Driver Power 2012

Driver Power 2012
10 Apr, 2012 1:00am

29,000 motorists have had their say, and now we reveal the Driver Power 2012 winners

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Every year, the Driver Power ownership survey draws on the experiences of UK drivers to discover which model is Britain’s best car. And now we’ve crunched the numbers to bring you the winners and losers for 2012.

Tens of thousands of drivers have rated the cars they own in 10 different categories, ranging from how easy they are to drive and how comfortable they are to sit in to how much they cost to run.

We can’t include every model on the road, so the survey is limited to cars that have been on sale in the last five years. Plus, to ensure our results are reliable, we need a large number of replies from drivers of each vehicle.

This year’s result is one of the closest yet, but our overall winner deserves its place, with three individual category wins and an overall rating from owners of 92.47 per cent.

And with the September reg change, comes a host of key decisions. Which dealers are best? Which insurer should you use? And which breakdown provider?

That’s where Auto Express Driver Power comes in. We tell you which brands ticked most boxes in our dealer, insurance and breakdown satisfaction survey, giving you a definitive guide to the best and worst.

See the results for previous years…

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Absolutley great - put a VW badge on the front instead of Skoda and I'll have one.

Forgive me for being blunt Tigger but yours is a classic example of received opinion "badgeitis"! I have a colleague whose family deserted VW en masse on account of repeated problems with new VWs, culminating in an engine "blow-up". Transfer to Skoda meant no more trouble. Oddly enough, despite Skoda dealers having a good reputation, their has given a lot more trouble than their cars!
VW products don't exactly "float my boat" but for those that like them, a transfer of allegiance would appear to be sensible.

Hi Paul,

I see your findings on your colleague leaving VW for Skoda and finding less trouble a bit strange. He may not beware that VW own Skoda and put the same engine units in their Skoda cars.

Also not all Skoda dealers have the same reputation - I have a neighbour who repeatedly has had bad service and recently had to pay the dealer a bill for a air-con job before they would let him drive the car away even though the work was under the makers warranty - this was in case the factory would not recompense the dealer. - This I feel you will a agree is a disgrace.

The fact is some people would never buy a Skoda regardless, my wife included said she would not let me drive her about in one! So regardless of how `great' some people think they are there are lots that will not buy one. As an engineer I can see that they are good cars albeit lacking in sophisticated design.