Driver Power 2013

Driver Power 2013
17 May, 2013 11:00am

Thousands of you gave your verdict, and now we can reveal the Driver Power results in full


Driver Power is back, and it’s bigger and better than ever. An amazing 46,640 of you voted in Britain’s most influential car reliability and satisfaction survey this year.

You gave us feedback on every aspect of your car – from its performance and handling to its running costs. And this year, in a change to our traditional scoring system, we’ve split build quality and reliability into separate categories to give an even better picture of the cars you can trust.

We’ve sorted through the data and counted the votes to deliver the ultimate verdict on which cars are the UK’s best to buy and run.

We’ll reveal the Driver Power manufacturers, dealers, insurers and breakdown operators charts in the coming weeks and months. But here, we focus on the cars.

There’s a host of new entries, some shock fallers and deserving climbers. How does your car fare? What wins overall? It’s all here – and it’s all voted for by you.

Driver Power 2013 results…

How are our results calculated?

Our survey asks drivers to rate their car out of five in 10 key categories. An independent data processing company then crunches the numbers to provide the overall average scores.

Why doesn’t my car feature?

Not all models can be included, due to the sheer number of cars on UK roads. Plus, to ensure our results are reliable, we need a robust sample size of drivers of each vehicle.

See the results for previous years…

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hyundai i30 have had a serious problem, engines shuts down at around 55mph, reason faulty switch in gearbox tells computer I am in neutral engine shuts down to a very rough tick over. very dangerous, now my family will not travel in car.

We have the normal problem with surveys of this sort. What is the number of vehicles involved and what proportion of those sold is represented in the reliability statistics? For example, the Alfa Giulietta achieves a commendable result but Alfa sales are in free fall at present and the potential number of vehicles is small.

My normal doubts as to how the returns are monitored remain. It does not need to be spelt out how submissions can be "tweaked" both in favour and against any particular vehicle. The droll thing is that, assuming I am being a touch cynical and everything is actually completely straightforward, there is not much to choose between any vehicle in the "Top 100". All one can speculate is that the individual manufacturing plant, or even the particular production line, is more significant than the label applied to front and rear of the car concerned.

You're lucky that the garage found the issue, I had a BMW 1 series that was always breaking down - the BMW main dealer the 1st time linked the cars computer up - there were no error codes so they stopped there - as they were not going to be paid by BMW Bracknell (head office) for any warranty work if there were no error codes - It didn't matter I'd bought the car from them - ruddy arthur daley crooks in hugo boss suits

i have a 51 plated vectra 2lt dti
all i can say is ,,it needs 2 weeks notice if i expect it to over take a speeding milk float, down hill with a following wind i can just about edge past the paper boy on hes bike. theres no top end, the turbo cuts in and out and the abs light only goes off when i stop.
im not going to scrap it but bury it at a cross roads after filling it with garlic and driving a 6 inch steak through the engine management system

Is there anywhere I can see the full results?