Euro-spec Ford Edge makes Frankfurt 2015 appearance

15 Sep, 2015 9:00am Lawrence Allan

Ford's Mondeo-based Edge large SUV will go on sale in the UK early next year, with more models in the pipeline

Ford has brought the full European-spec Edge large SUV to the Frankfurt Motor Show. It's set to go on sale right at the start of 2016, priced from just under £30,000.

Previously seen at Geneva in US guise, the Ford Edge been delayed after initial reports of a summer 2015 release. Based on the platform of the new Mondeo, the Edge will sit above the Kuga and Ecosport in a three-pronged SUV lineup. It's pitched to provide a better value yet more spacious alternative to the Audi Q5 and BMW X3.

The Edge may look familiar to some because it's already on sale in the US. It's part of the firm's global 'One Ford' strategy, which sees a model being designed to meet the demands of worldwide customers rather than region-specific vehicles.

Although the centralised business model is controversial, it's one reason why cars such as the Edge and the Mustang, which is on sale here for the first time, can be offered in the UK. And Ford assures us that the European Edge has been sufficiently improved to suit our demands.

The gaping front grille is a raised-up version of the Mondeo's, while the muscular lower bodywork and large 20-inch wheels amplify its stance to make it seem larger than it is. The clamshell bonnet is a design cue borrowed from Land Rover, too, while distinctive single-bar tail-lights mark it out from the rest of Ford's UK range.

The five-seat interior claims to offer more passenger space than midsize SUV rivals, even rivalling larger models such as the VW Touareg. Much of the dashboard and centre-console layout is borrowed from the Mondeo, and borrows new tech such as inflatable rear seatbelts and Active Noise Cancellation.

Engines at launch will be limited to a pair of 2.0-litre 'Duratorq' TDCI diesel engines. The entry-level unit develops 188bhp and 400Nm of torque and has a six-speed manual gearbox, while the more powerful version gets 207bhp and 450Nm of torque plus a six-speed automatic transmission.

Buyers will initially be able to choose between Trend, Sport and Titanium trim levels, with Ford predicting over 80 per cent of buyers will opt for the range-topping variant. We expect the edge range to start from just under £30,000 when it goes on sale in the UK in summer 2015.

Ford is also planning to update the Ecosport again for the 2017 model year, while the Kuga will also receive mild tweaks and the latest Sync 2 infotainment system next year. 

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Should have kept it in America

How confusing is the name? Someone as simple as those around me might mistake a car's name for another car's trim level, after all they're both Fords!

Looks pretty hot and given that SUV's is where the action seems to be these days, makes sense for Ford to do this. Excited to see one on the roads.

isnt it just a massive copy! Im sure hyundia are loving it as im sure its a great compliment.

Looks like Ford's just blown a major hole in Volkswagen-Audi plans for global domination.

Quite interesting SUV! Just love it!

Looks great!

First decent looking Ford for years, should do well if they pitch it right and play on it's American heritage. Shame we didn't get its predecessor here instead of the weedy Kuga. Mustang will shake up the establishment too.

I like the Ford Edge that has been officially revealed

Your absolutely right - its a copy of Honda Civic Tourer/Mitsubishi Outlander at the rear and there is a distinct flavour of Kia Sorrento at the front. Said Asian cars are smart IMO but this shows a complete lack of imagination from Ford - same with all Ford products these days. The design department at Ford appears somewhat lost!

A cure for insomnia.... it's just too american in design, something I'd have thought Ford had learned hard from in the past when launching the Maverick and that other behemoth in the late 1990s whose name escapes me.

This is a Mazda based vehicle, shared platform with CX-9 and Mazda 6 (CD3).

Can't see this being very popular in the UK anyway. Likely to have to be heavily discounted to shift them.

Not true actually. The previous generation Edge used the CD3 platform (alongside the CX9). The new model above uses Fords CD4 platform.

So it's actually a Mondeo with a bloated body.