Extreme new Ford Fiesta RS is coming

8 Jan, 2014 4:00pm Jack Rix

New Ford Fiesta RS promises agressive bodykit and 230bhp

According to Ford insiders, our favourite hot hatch could be about to get hotter. Auto Express has been told that an extreme Ford Fiesta RS is still in the product plan, along with a Focus RS, but Ford is busy researching the business case before it commits to production.

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With all the praise heaped upon the Fiesta ST, an even more extreme version is an exciting prospect – and our image reveals how it could look. The pumped-up wheelarches and aggressive bodykit mark out the newcomer, while the RS would most likely be powered by the 1.6-litre turbo from the ST – albeit with power upped from 179bhp to around 230bhp.

Using this engine will also ensure a link between the road model and the RS-badged Fiesta WRC car. Expect to see suspension upgrades, bigger brakes and additions such as a front axle limited-slip diff.

The RS models tend to arrive at the end of a car’s lifecycle, and with the Fiesta only recently facelifted and still selling well, Ford’s in no rush to replace it.

If the company can make the business case work for a Fiesta RS, expect to see it on the road in around 2015, carrying a price tag in the region of £23,000.

The first Fiesta RS was previewed at the 2004 Geneva Motor Show as a concept, but never made it to production. It was canned when Ford bosses couldn’t make it financially viable in Europe - RS sales are always high in the UK, but take-up on the continent is much smaller.

Thanks to the success of the Fiesta it now seems that the super hot hatch is a possibility again. It will have a stripped-out cabin featuring racing-style seats, lightweight materials throughout and lots of RS detailing.

It could even be quite economical for a performance car, thanks to low weight and a small-capacity turbo engine.

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Why do they always release RS's at the end of the models lifecycle? If I'm going to buy the most expensive version of a model then I don't want it to go out of date within a year or so when a new model is released!

Surely it would make more sense to release the top of the range early in the lifecycle to act as a halo model to help drive sales of all versions of that model?!

yah thats really boring ford. no wonder you have to work hard on the business case. if it came out with other models it would probably sell much better too!

Jesus, that is ugly! If my dog looked like that, I'd shave its butt and make it walk backwards!

I don't think that the front end will be that bad when the real car released just look at the images of the new Focus, it should be a fantastic car to drive but i agree with Ben, why on earth bring out the 'halo' model when the standard model is about to be buried , that is not what the buying public want.

I hope that ford makes this happen because i love my 2012 Fiesta the one will so perfect sign me up…

What a great looking thing! A bit chav-tastic but any mad little hatch should be.

this will never happen. Just AExpress wasting our time again. Look back on all the other RS scoops over the years. Sells them a few mags I guess

I get what you're saying Ben, obviously that's the last thing someone want's when they buy a car, instant depreciation because it's an old model, but you've answered you're own question there really..
Ford do this because that is exactly what they want, you paying them top dollar for a car that will lose it's value in a month or two, and with it being the most powerful in the range, there will still be demand for it, even if just for the guys who want to be better than everyone else, there's a lot of them out there, and Ford knows this, as long as people carry on buying them, they'll carry on releasing them right before it becomes old news.

It looks like a fat girl gasping for air. No doubt Essex chav's are are beating their chest in delight.

Next time you denigrate the inhabitants of Essex you might want to check the grammar of your sentence Lagoya.

But how is it better for Ford to sell you a car that immediately loses value?

If they made them earlier in the lifecycle then they'd obviously sell more of them. They are losing potential customers (Me being one example) by leaving it right to the end of the cars life.

How many Gs in "aggressive", chaps?

Also, £23k seems a lot when a £17k Fiesta ST can have 212bhp with the £600 warranty-preserving Mountune pack. Sure, it's more upgrades than just a bit of engine tuning, but is it over £5k's worth of them?

woT ere yu talkin aboot baad grama?

Ford should be upping it's game in all-gear acceleration; A focus RS should be aiming sub 5 sec 0-62mph; Fiesta RS sub 6 secs; ST's: Focus sub 6 and Fiesta sub 6.6 (supercar level of 1970's and as fact a a Sierra Cosworth!); Top speeds should not be a goal for Ford's, handling,comfort & acceleration should be!

My best friend has just ordered a brand new Fiesta ST, I'll bet he's sick now that this is coming out!

Id love to know who these Ford insiders are!! The images you show show way too many unique body parts for Ford to even contemplate at such low volumes that this would be at. So as much as the pictures do look great, do you really think Ford would pitch some pretty basic tin at £23000 and expect so many people to buy it that it would repay all that investment. Highly unlikely for a brand that really is extremely capable of making a dam good job of such a product, but alas is well and truly governed by the mother ship in North America - If it were a truck it'd be given the green light!

Agree - as I said id love to know who sold this story! 23k for a fiesta is absurd. Complete piffle.

I completely agree with you to be honest, I personally wouldn't buy one either, All I mean is that as long as people go out and buy them - because they're the top end.
And they're doing it on purpose, if they released it early, everyone would choose that one, and they wouldn't sell the others as well, this way they get to make sales on the RS and then straight away they're got the next big thing to keep customers wanting the next model in a constant cycle.

I'm not disagreeing with you that's it's unfair on customers, but it's a smart marketing technique and i've got to appreciate that too!

Ford you have to make this. If you do I promise I will do something I thought I would never do again. (Buy a brand new car)

Ford makes RS cars at the end of production model life because it's when the model become profitable because of benefits

Oooooh 2k more for a focus RS. The fiesta is just way too expensive. It needs to be a quattro for this money. It needs to be kitted out like a fully loaded AMG for this money.

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