Hyundai Genesis 5 Series rival on its way to the UK

25 Feb, 2014 11:35am Steve Fowler

Hyundai will launch its Genesis all-wheel-drive executive car in the UK in right-hand-drive

Hyundai is set to lock horns with the elite of the UK executive car market after it confirmed that the Hyundai Genesis will be sold in the UK in right-hand-drive form.

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The latest 2015 Hyundai Genesis was first shown at the 2014 Detroit Motor Show in January and will arrive in the UK and Europe this summer. Power comes from a 311bhp 3.8-litre V6 that sends drive to all four wheels via the HTRAC all-wheel drive system. All Genesis models use an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

The Genesis will not be sold through the existing network of UK Hyundai dealers, but will be sold directly through Hyundai's head office. Potential customers will have the car delivered and personally demonstrated to them, while a full collection and delivery service will be offered for any after-sales work.

Hyundai only expects to sell around 20 Genesis models a year, with the brand targeting Korean diplomats as well as existing Hyundai customers who wish to upgrade their cars. That means it will get a full five-year warranty, just like Hyundai’s other UK models.

Modest sales targets of around 1,000 units across continental Europe indicate a desire to gain a small foothold in the competitive executive car segment where the likes of the BMW 5 Series, Mercedes E-Class, Jaguar XF and Audi A6 hold sway. 

Hyundai Genesis 2015: a diesel engine is possible

It’s demand from other right-hand-drive markets including South Africa and Australia that has prompted the conversion of the Genesis to RHD form. Allan Rushforth, Chief Operating Officer of Hyundai Motor Europe, has also indicated that global demand for the car could result in new engine options. “If we can demonstrate demand and underwrite the volume, we’ll look at a diesel.“

There’s no information yet on how much the Genesis will cost in the UK market but Allan Rushforth also stated that the car would be “better value than established players”. For a V6, all-wheel-drive executive car, that would seem to indicate a starting price in the region of £35,000.

Hyundai Genesis 2015: details

Hyundai Genesis 2014 interior

As well as the 3.8-litre V6 we'll be getting, Hyundai also offers the Genesis with a 420bhp 5.0-litre V8. It's available with rear-wheel drive only but there's no word on that model getting a UK release. 

The Genesis doesn’t come with air suspension, but Hyundai claims the ride on the 18 or optional 19-inch wheels will still match its rivals. The V8 model also features adaptive dampers.

At nearly five metres long and with a three-metre wheelbase, the Genesis is a similar size to both the Audi A8 and new Mercedes S-Class. It gets a new take on Hyundai’s ‘fluidic sculpture’ design language – imaginatively called ‘fluidic sculpture 2.0’.

Its front features a big, trapezoidal grille raked flanked by large HiD headlights that look a bit like those fitted to the BMW 7 Series.

Inside, the dashboard is dominated by a large HD touchscreen mounted above the centre console, and a large four-spoke steering wheel covered in audio and paddle shifters for manual changes. 

Interesting tech includes a carbon dioxide sensor in the cabin, which senses when CO2 levels reach more than 2,000 parts per million – a figure above which the driver can begin to feel drowsy. It then adjusts the climate control to ventilate the cabin. 

Hyundai has also shown how the Genesis is compatible with Google Glass – the search giant’s new wearable, computerised headset. 

Genesis drivers wearing the tech will be able to remotely start their car, unlock the doors, and be led to their car should they forget where it’s parked via their Google Glass headset.

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Why does the badge looks Aston Martin-ish? 5L V8 impressive stuff. But isn't the world going the direction of hybrid?

Typical korean car - bits of styling from 4 or 5 makes. Can they not design a car of their own?

Typical anglo-saxon reply- always accusing the Koreans of not designing their own. Ever seen the Hyundai Veloster, the Genesis coupe or the i40? Some of the most original and refreshing looking cars out there at the moment.

The sooner you anglo saxons snap out of your bigoted world view the better it'll be for your country because you'll soon be playing second and third fiddle to the likes of the Koreans.

Correction- I hate to add but you lot are ALREADY playing second fiddle to the Koreans in many fields.

Probably not a good idea to stereotype a single reply as characteristic of an entire culture. But yes, just looking at my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 now...

The Veloster is bloomin hideous! The Soul - well, say in a posh voice, 'Oh, i have a KeyAr Sole' sounds rather embarrassing. The i40 looks like 3 or 4 mixes of different cars and is dated looking already. That is the problem, they lose value quickly, they date rapidly. I had a go in a new Cee'd, much prefer the new Rapid , better elegant styling, quick 1.2 TSi engine, better build quality and space.

like how vauxhall and opel has different symbol that emblem is like how toyota uses scion emblem in the us. The aston martin look is only used in korea for genesis branding

Looks like a Jag XJ and XF mixed together.

Not offered in UK, what a surprise ! atleast give us the next generation Genesis coupe ! that be only korean car i would get, as usual we are lumbered with boring Hyundai's / KIA's in UK, look at what the US got ! the i40 looks good but engine choice is pathetic !

Why not? The Germans have been doing the same for decades.

Yawn more korean copycat identikit trash. Do koreans ever innovate? NOPE! EVEN the genesis 5.0 V8 engine isnt theirs!!did you know it was It originally was Japanese. Mitsubishi designed, engineered and originally built the engine before licensing the tech to hyundai/kia in the late 90's. Even the GDI direct injection tech in hyundai/kia cars is licensed from mitsubishi who first developed and patented modern electronic direct injection in 1996 for the Mitsubishi Galant 2.4 GDI.. even Dyson is suing samsung of south korea for stealing its vacuum cleaner patents.. buy a real car not a pathetic "me too" photocopy try hard copycat from s.korea German sports car=911 Japanese=GT-R USA=corvette UK=F Type

It also the Lexus rival

I offer my sincere best wishes to Hyundai UK in bringing this to the UK - it might sell a few to existing Hyundai customers looking to upgrade to a bigger car, but you only have to look at the market - genuine premium brand, Infiniti is struggling to get a foot hold in the UK not because they're bad cars but for some reason Mr UK is still obsessed with having a German car on their driveway. Still I'm sure those who do buy one of the Genisesess (Geni?) will be happy with their purchase. It's not for me though as I think it looks like a mash up of several other cars.

Designing cars of your own isn't always the best practice. Look at Skoda, their cars looks miserable like nothing on the market. It is clear that Skoda designers are looking for inspiration in the wrong century (before industrial revolution).

Love how they use a Aston Martin style emblem lol seriously i like this car, even if Hyundai bring it in limited numbers, hope they bring the Genesis coupe too, i know some people say 'why pay x amount for a Hyundai' but end of day it be much much cheaper than the competitors yet just as powerful /well equipped or better in many cases so you get ALOT for your money! such as a basic Lexus is better equipped than a basic BMW of same size yet Lexus is cheaper ! Besides Hyundai need something exciting in their line up, i40 looks fine but very limited engine choice in UK & whats offered is small engine size for that car !

Actually, their designer is the same guy who designed the Bugatti Veyron....And also, their sales are increasing vastly, so they are doing something right. Skoda are proof that the world wants cars that perform in all areas, substance over over-styling. Look how Alfa and Lancia are failing due to their overstyling.

I like Hyundai Genesis 5 Series rival on its way to the UK


Shame europeans and british cant afford to run this car it got a great 5.0 lt V8 in it

Typical Japanese trying to hate on Koreans. I've read the news and it seems that you hate them a lot.

Bereal ... Who would want a 5 metre car with a 2or 3 litre motor in it .... Are you crazy ... And only euros by diesel cars no one in there right mind anywhere else touchs them too expensive to maintain and run ..and that turbo lag is like dealing with death

Just what are you smoking? The 5.0 V8 tau engine is Hyundai designed and built. True, Hyundai used licensed Mitsubishi engine tech in the 90's but not any more.

Talking of copycats, don't the Japanese rank among the most skillful and persistent in automotive history? Don't take my word for it, just remember what the heads of Mercedes, BMW and VW used to say. They said they wouldn't reveal any more concept cars at the motor shows because the Japanese copied them so slavishly and mass produced their models before the Germans could. Nowadays the Germans hardly show any concepts.

I'm afraid that the Japanese have no right to accuse anyone else of copying.

Btw also try to change your logo- I hear that the rising sun emblem is as offensive to the Koreans as the swastika is to the Jews.

It's a crap comment from Skudfan but it's not typical Anglo-Saxon and it's not the world view of Anglo-Saxons you racist bigot rodriguez.

Kia and Hyundai designs are by Peter Schreyer who was an Audi, Volkswagen guy - you know - that company that makes Skodas in the Czech Republic.

You have no clue about diesel.
And engines have moved on a lot from the 1980s, there is more power from modern 2 litre than there used to be.

Trolling again skudfan. For someone that gets very upset at such comments on Skoda articles you're pretty good at it yourself. BTW You are the first poster I have seen that actually praises the awful Rapid. A car named for irony!!

I agree TTONGSUL. The Korean brands owe a lot to the Japanese. The Kia Pride for example was a Mazda 121 rebadged. Its the same with pretty much everything in Korea from TV's to laptops and the infrastructure in the country. They are desperate to be like the Japanese, but Japan is still very much the jewel of the orient in more ways than one - Japan leads, others follow. I speak as a Brit that has spent time in both countries.

Good try. I am English. do not blame Japanese for everything ttongsul drinking dogeater.

Your skoda fanaticism is pathetic...

I ain't Korean. I'm a Brit driving a Japanese car(Lexus GS450h, to be exact). It seems that you are hard of reading the English language as I clearly said "them", not "us".

So if you can't even understand English and want to be racist, get off this "peaceful" English website.

I drive many of the 2 lt diesel mondeos for work sometimes it has so much turbo lag i think its dangerous ....and no real power under 4500 rpm 3.6 lt petrol uses only 10lt per 100ks vers 7.8 lt for the diesel ...i know what im talking about as i drive these cars weekly.... Only euros by diesel as you cant afford to run petrol cars