Jaguar F-Pace 2016: pics and video give first official look at new SUV

4 Sep, 2015 11:00am James Batchelor

Jaguar has revealed the first undisguised images of the new Jaguar F-Pace SUV ahead of Frankfurt Motor Show debut

The Jaguar F-Pace's official debut is imminent at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show, but the British company has given us the first look of the new SUV ahead of time. Revealed undisguised for the first time in this profile shot and video, the F-Pace is aiming for premium rivals like the Porsche Macan, Audi Q5, BMW X3 and even the Range Rover Evoque.

The F-Pace is Jaguar's first ever attempt at an SUV, and its been seen in concept form, spied testing and teased for years now. But the wait is nearly over as it'll go on sale early in 2016 and is expected to start from around £30,000.

Jaguar F-Pace: official video

Jaguar describes the F-Pace as more of a "performance crossover" rather than a traditional SUV. The name purposely aligns it with the F-Type sports car and distances it from the more rugged products offered by sister company Land Rover. Despite the performance bias, we're expecting a range of four and six-cylinder petrol and diesel engines to sit alongside a hot supercharged V8 variant, possibly carrying the F-Pace SVR badge.

We've had a good idea of what the Jaguar F-Pace will look like for some time, the 2013 Jaguar C-X17 concept left little to the imagination, and further spy shots showed us the production front end design and sleek profile. 

“We received such an overwhelmingly positive response to the C-X17 concept car last year that we just had to make it a reality,” said Ian Callum, Jaguar’s Director of Design. “The Jaguar F-Pace, inspired by the F-Type, represents a perfectly judged balance of style, performance and practicality. It offers a unique combination of Jaguar sports car inspired exterior design, fused beautifully with a thoroughly practical and spacious luxury interior. The F-Pace is our family sports car.”

Jaguar F-Pace: technical specs

Full technical details for the Jaguar F-Pace won’t be released until later this year, but certain specifications have been confirmed. It will be available with a five-seater layout only, and assuming it sticks closely to the concept’s 4,718mm length, will be a few centimetres bigger than its main rivals - the Audi Q5 and BMW X3. For that reason, Jaguar claims it will have class-leading interior space as well as a “beautiful design, precise handling, a supple ride, luxurious interior finishes and cutting-edge technology.”

The F-Pace will be based on the same aluminium-intensive iq[AL] platform as the new XE saloon and built in the same revamped Solihull plant in Birmingham. Jaguar has confirmed the F-Pace will receive a double wishbone front and integral-link rear suspension setup (the same as the XE), and has been tuned to compliment the body's high structural rigidity.

As well as the lightweight chassis, the F-Pace will share the XE's interior switchgear, InControl infotainment system and the engine line-up. The four-wheel drive system will be governed by Jag’s All-Surface Progress Control technology to maximise grip in all road conditions. It even gets torque vectoring, tech donated from the F-Type sports car.

Jaguar F-Pace: engine range and price

Expect 2.0-litre turbodiesel and 2.0 turbocharged petrol engines - both from the advanced new Ingenium engine family - to be offered in various states of tune, along with a supercharged 3.0-litre V6 at the top of the range. A more-powerful supercharged V8 model could come later in the lifecycle to power an F-Pace SVR performance model. Prices are likely to start from around £30,000.

Why F-Pace? Jaguar's SUV naming policy

Jaguar created shockwaves by announcing that the name of its forthcoming SUV would be F-Pace. In a candid interview with Auto Express at the Detroit Motor ShowJaguar’s design director, Ian Callum, explained his role in the choosing of the F-Pace name, the challenges he has faced in creating Jaguar’s first ever SUV and how the daring crossover was nearly called X-Type.  

“Creatively speaking, I had little role in the choice of the F-Pace name, but I was clear on saying it needed to have a reference to sportiness,” he told us. “Both Ralf [Speth – Jaguar Land Rover CEO] and I agreed it needed character. Alphanumeric was not an option and we toyed with many names. We played with the letter X a lot  – XQ was one option but we felt Q is too much of an Audi thing, and of course Aston Martin uses Q. 

Callum explained around eight names were in the running before being dwindled down to three, with F-Pace being one of them. “I picked F-Pace,” he said. “I like it because I think it’s got a bit of texture and character to it and I think after time people will get used to it.”

2016 Jaguar F-Pace design

The Scot was more than aware of the pressure on his and his team’s shoulders in creating a type of car Jaguar had never built before – and admits it has been a demanding process. 
“It has been difficult because it goes against every muscle of your body in some ways,” he says. “Once I realised that a crossover makes good business sense and that for a lot of young people, they don’t know anything else other than crossovers, I said to our team we’ve got to embrace this car.

"It has to be sexy; it has to have voluptuousness to it. If it means compromising some of the packaging then we’ll do it – that’s what Jaguars do and we will push back on this obsession of getting the biggest volume inside, the biggest capacity and the largest tailgate opening. I wasn’t going to buy into that. I am very pleased with the end result. We have done a good job - I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.”

2016 Jaguar F-Pace: Tour De France and winter testing pics

The Jaguar F-Pace SUV served as a team support car for Team Sky on Stage One of the Tour de France cycling race.

The barely disguised crossover was seen in public for the first time on Saturday 4 July – covered in Team Sky’s famous black and blue livery. It gave us a very clear idea of how the upcoming SUV will look ahead of its Frankfurt Motor Show reveal.

More pictures released by Jaguar showed the SUV undergoing another arduous testing regime, described by the firm as one of the most demanding it’s ever devised. The new Jag is being put through extreme cold weather testing at a purpose-built facility in Arjeplog, northern Sweden, where temperatures plummet as low as -40 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, the car is also shown hot weather testing in Dubai where temperatures in the F-Pace's cabin can reach 70 degrees when the car is in direct sunlight.

Jaguar C-X17 concept: prelude to the F-Pace

The Jaguar C-X17 4x4 concept was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2013 before taking centre stage at the 2014 Brussels Motor Show. 

At the time, Jaguar design director Ian Callum hinted at how close to the production car the C-X17 was, saying: “We were caught out with the C-XF concept and underdelivered; we now need to show things we know we can deliver.”

The C-X17 is 4,718mm long, 1,959mm wide and 1,649mm high, with a wheelbase of 2,905mm (30mm longer than Jag’s new XE 3 Series rival). So it’s clearly targeting the Audi Q5 and BMW X3, even though it’s slightly longer, wider and lower.

Jaguar F-Pace: where does it fit in the JLR range?

Jaguar's sister company Land Rover has, of course, a longer heritage and greater brand awareness as a maker of 4x4 cars than Jaguar, so where will the new C-X17 fit in the JLR range?

New Range Rover: Aimed at buyers wanting the ultimate rugged luxury car, whatever the price.
Range Rover dimensions: Length: 4,999mm, width 2,073mm, height 1,835mm.
Price: £71,310

Range Rover Sport: Aimed at those who demand luxury, off-road ability and a sportier drive.
Range Rover Sport dimensions: Length: 4,850mm, width 2,073mm, height 1,780mm.
Price: £51,550

Jaguar F-Pace: Aimed at younger buyers who focus on style and sportiness above all.
Jaguar C-X17 dimensions: Length: 4,718mm, width 1,959mm, height 1,649mm.
Price: £35,000 (est)

Range Rover Evoque: Aimed at drivers with a smaller budget but wanting a Range Rover badge.
Range Rover Evoque dimensions: 4,355mm, width 1,965mm, height 1,635mm.
Price: £29,200

Land Rover Discovery Sport: Advanced tech and genuine off-road ability.
Range Rover Evoque dimensions: 4,599mm, width 2,069mm
Price: £32,400

Jaguar C-X17 at Frankfurt 2013: video

Do you think the F-Pace SUV will be a hit for Jaguar? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below...

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Ugly must try again looks like that poor effort by that company from Crew

Looks good to me. Jaguar's recent design language has been somewhat truck-like, so the design is a natural fit.


I like the leaked picture of the Jaguar 4x4 Concept

I still don't understand the rationale of a Jaguar SUV. Why not leave the SUVs to Land Rover and focus on bringing out a saloon / hatchback smaller than XF?

Hope they have done their research? And there's a market for this. However Porsche Cayenne met with similar initial response. Today it outsells the 911.

Why does JLR keep competing with itself? Bizarre.

It's a different market. LR and RR are proper off road capable vehicles and stand a tier above all these soft-roaders like the X5, Cayenne and the M class, XC90 etc.

Have they just re-badged a Mazda CX-5? Hideous crap.

I thought this article is about a Jaguar SUV rather than a Lexus.....

Does Jaguar have the money to bring to market a cutting edge, modern SUV on a par with the VW Group Toureg-Cayenne twins and the next-gen X5? If so, start by laying to rest that odd twist and turn shifter to rest, redefining grace, pace, and space while achieving break-through fuel economy, and being more than just the quirky Brit alternative.

Give us a game-changer and justify your existence or just stick to your knitting, especially this late in the game.

I like it. I think this would be popular and it doesn't look as bling as some of the others on the market.

It's not competing with itself. This is a soft roarer to compete with BMW, Mercedes, VW etc. Not a proper off road vehicle like a RR or LR.

You mean Crewe.

jetsetjoe A bit to simplistic in your critic As to hideous, not sure your right on that one wait till you see it live on the road . it will knock the socks off V W,s/Audi,s boring duet. Plus it will make the Cayenne seem what it has always been dire to look at. Its interior if it the one to be launched is a master stroke

Stunning! Not often an SUV and stunning are mentioned in the same breath but here they are

I like the Jaguar C-X17 Concept that has been revealed

Dead sexy!!! Finally a mans funky SUV...nice work Jag staffers...3yrs to save ;)

And so are you Sir

The usual stupid comments from AsunE readers who obviously dont have the ability to read and can only look at pictures. Yes, Jaguar do appear to have done their research - read the second last paragraph - Research says this is what the world wants. Yes it will have technology compared to other manufacturers - Read the third paragraph, it is based on all new scaleable Aluminium Architecture (no rival has that).

I though it looked very Mazda too. I quite like the look but the front end could have Mazda's lawyers on the phone.

BTW, if the inside of the production version looks anything like these pictures I'll eat my trousers.

Why do car makers do this? Do they really want everyone's first response to their new models to be disappointment?

What? Does Jaguar-Land Rover have the ability to bring to market a cutting edge, modern SUV on a par with the VW Group.

What, you mean like the Evoke, RR Sport or new Range Rover.

Did you realise that Jaguar and Land Rover are the same company. It's just a new body for them.

It will tread very close to the Evoque's toes though...

Well said paulc, as you said some people can only judge by pictures. This is ground breaking stuff from Jaguar and knocks the competition into the backwaters .of SUV,s design .

This car may well look good 'in the flesh' but nothing could look good in that awful colour.
Not so long ago Black was the new white then silver was the new black now it appears that ugly is the new beautiful , is it just me or are manufacturers deliberately making some of the model line up ugly just to stand out from the rest of the crowd!

Most of the negative comments on any vehicle like this are made by people who will never be able to afford a new one. They will just have to wait ten years for used examples to drop into their budget range.

Meanwhile this car is going to be a great hit in its target market. The frustrated, opinionated dogs may bark, but Jaguar's march moves sweetly and smoothly on unperturbed.

What ever happened to the word "Style".

All a matter of opinion isn't it. In my opinion I think this looks great next to the rather uninspiring Q5 and seriously ugly X3 and don't get me started on the boring boxes VW put together. Plus the blue looks good, makes it really stand out!

Somehow i don't think we will ever agree about the colour but i will reserve proper judgement until i see one on the road, but does the world really need another suv.

Evoque is 4cyl only and on a FWD platform, this is at least a model size up RWD platform (that article sttes will be used for new XF and 3 series rival) and likely have 4/6 and possibly 8 cyl engines.

BMW Merc and VAG all have models that compete directly or indirecly or even directly ( Toureg, Q7 and Cayenne are all SUV in this class) so why cant JLR do it?

Jaguar have always made stylish good looking cars - until this one. It is ugly.

Its Nice in red.

jag will have to get real clever if it wants to make a impact with its SUV... Hopefully the new alloy chassis, new engines and the collaboration with intel will work...

...with a tiny boot standard?... For 30K?? it looks menacing with plenty of intel
I have only one problem I cant afford it....just maybe?????

Have to agree with Beestie, my thoughts were this is along the lines of the Cayenne ie a larger version of a luxury car. It may be because I see the Land Rover as more of a functional vehicle above all else.