Peter Schreyer named President of Kia Motors

Kia Carens MPV
2 Jan, 2013 1:55pm Tom Phillips

Chief Design Officer becomes the first non-Korean President of Kia Motors

Peter Schreyer has been named as the new President of Kia Motors. Schreyer, 59, becomes the first non-Korean to hold the title of president in the firm’s history.

Schreyer has been the Chief Design Officer at Kia Motors since 2006, and is responsible for transforming the look of Kia’s cars by introducing features like the tiger snout grille across the entire Kia range of models.

In 2013, Kia will launch its new Carens MPV. The Carens completes the design revolution Schreyer instigated at Kia, becoming the final car to receive his acclaimed dynamic styling.

Promoting Schreyer to the role of President is an interesting appointment, as the firm bids to continue its design-led approach to expansion. The decision is similar to Apple’s move to promote Industrial Design boss, Jonathan Ive, to be responsible for the firm’s software teams, as well as designing its expanding range of hardware.

Schreyer is originally from Bavaria in Germany, and made his name through his work at the Volkswagen Group, where he contributed to cars including the previous VW Passat and first generation of Audi TT.

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Good job. Really, to actually produce a 3 door kia that is far more interesting than an audi (just compare the previous ceed vs the previous A3) was an accomplishment. And they acknowledged it. Well done.

Congratulations to Peter Schreyer on ascending to the leading role of the world's fastest growing car brand.

Darn. I was secretly hoping he would return to Volkswagen Group and sort out their design language which is getting dowdier by the day.

Very astute. Gives credence to the, German dominated, European markets.
Top bloke though and thourougly deserved.

Well done.

Great choice!

He studied in London as well which gives a nice British touch!

We love our new Sportage CRDI which is not only good looking but well equipped and economical and has an astounding 7 year warranty!

Hope the British police start using these instead of the expensive BMWs which cost taxpayers an arm and a leg in maintenance as well!

Fleet sales managers - NISSAN - TOYOTA - FORD - HONDA - in Britain do not seen to try hard and also get their companies lobbying to get more sales!

Is their live so easy?