New Kia Soul spied

22 Feb, 2013 6:23pm Tom Phillips

Our spies have caught the all-new Kia Soul in cold-weather testing ahead of the New York Motor Show

The all-new Kia Soul is due to make its world debut at the New York Motor Show at the end of next month, but our spies have caught the supermini in colder climes, testing in the Arctic.

First shown as a concept in 2006, the Soul was intended to showcase Kia design. But it made its debut before styling chief Peter Schreyer could influence its look, as he arrived at the company the same year.

So, while the two-box silhouette is similar to the outgoing car, the new Soul will feature some subtle tweaks to improve its proportions.

There’s a more bluff nose, with a larger version of the Schreyer ‘tiger nose’ grille and prominent Kia badge on the bonnet. This sits above a chunky front bumper, which features a trapezoidal inset aimed at making the car appear wider.

The blistered wheelarches of the old model have been toned down, while new rear lights and a wider rear bumper tidy up the car’s tail.

The new Soul should arrive in the UK in December, and will cost from around £13,000.

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Wow, no comments yet? Really proves how little the soul appeals to the British people. Which is a shame really, I think they're pretty cool-looking.

Lets hope Kia pay attention to the chassis and do something about the ride quality, which seems to be a criticism of even its latest models.

Meet the new box, same as the old box.

This vehicle should have been drowned at birth.

Its vastly underated as are most KIAs - but with Schreyers influence now they are great cars and offer the normal family motorist - not tear away would be Formula 1 drivers - great value for money!

If had VW or BMW stuck on its nose most car mags would be raving about it and the range!

We have a new Schreyer Sportage GRDI in Germany and are really 100% very pleased with it - and the envy of many neighbours!

Especially with its 7 year warranty!

You seem to be under the impression that design/looks alone makes a great car - it takes a lot more than just good looks to make a great car!

The problem with buying a Kia (any Kia) is..... that you end up owning a Kia.

They seem to have gone all out to improve the looks not sure about the door handle covers though!