Lamborghini Urus SUV leaked

19 Apr, 2012 6:36pm Damion Smy

New 600bhp Lamborghini Urus SUV leaks ahead of Beijing Motor Show debut

The first images of the Lamborghini Urus SUV have leaked ahead of its unveiling at the Beijing Motor Show next week. 

The images shows angular lines that are clearly influenced by the Estoque saloon concept, making it one of the most aggressive SUVs around. It’s expected to rely heavily on carbon fibre, given Lamborghini’s speciality with the material, which should save weight and improve rigidity for better handling.

Power is expected to come from either the new 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 found in the Bentley Continental GT and Audi S6 and S7, or it may use another Bentley engine, the 6.0-litre W12.

As is mandatory for anything with a Lamborghini badge, expect it to have 600bhp and a 0-62mph time of around four seconds.
The new 4x4 follows in the footsteps of the V12-powered Lamborghini LM002 SUV, which was launched in 1986. It has been created in an effort to secure Lamborghini’s financial future, much as the Cayenne did for Porsche when it was first launched.

If it gets the go ahead, the Lamborghini Urus could be in showrooms as early as 2015, with prices similar to the Gallardo.

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The teaser image does look good and the fron does remind me of the Estoque. Problem is, will Lamborghini's look translate well into a full size SUV? History shows us that it would not.

There was a reason why the LM002 did not look like any existing Lamborghini product and that was because it was designed for the military.

The reason behind the LM002 no longer exists so they will be barking mad to design something that is not instantly recognisable as a Lamborghini.

History? Lamborghini's 4x4 history is the LM002 from 1986... That's it. Hardly a lot to go on. The LM002 wasn't translated from the look of anything they made at the time so really there is no precident set as far as Lambo is concerned.
Porsche struggled to translate their road car look to SUV and it's taken years to finally come good but... That's Porsche history not Lamborghini!!!

Yes it was designed for the military... That was back then. The same reason isn't needed to re-enter that market. In 1986, there wasn't the 4x4/SUV market there is now, certainly not as focused. The LM002 wasn't right for public use, the Hummer of it's day... Lambo were never going to sell many of them, they were struggling to sell much of anything in those days.
Lamborghini's SUV will hit the spot. It's where they need to be. Porsche make SUV's, Bentley are headed there to... Why? Because it's Porsche's cash cow, their most profitable car. They make more margin on the Cayane than almost any other manufacturer. The Evoque hits 20%!!! 4x4 generate big profits.
I guess you are going on a presumption that the Lambo is going to be some odd looking representation of a road car. I think it'll be properly SUV like with lamborghini styling details signalling it's Lamboness. Don't forget we're not talking about the same 1986 company!!!

Well.. if the images leaked above are correct (which i think they are), then i got to say i like it.

@chillipepper what do you think?

Fabulous... I think the styling is fairly much on the money. Subtle aggression with a typical Lambo interior. We can only guess how close it is to production ready but the trend seems to be moving toward minimal changes from concept/show car to hitting the road. Maybe the ride height will come down a bit and the wheels/tyres toned down a tad.
I'm not an SUV fan but I am a car enthusiast and if had that kind of money I'd definitely make an exception for this.
So Sixtfonic... Is it as bad as you expected or has it translated well?

Its amazing. I taught it might look weird but i am so happy that i was wrong. The side view and rear three quarter views (images 3,4 and 5) are my fav. Then don't get me started on that interior.

I am quite positive that the reaction to the car will be very positive so i can see them making it with very little changes as you pointed out.

I admit, it's a good looking car, but the issue is that it's a Lamborghini. If they want to expand without damaging their reputation, this is not the answer, the Estoque or a luxury oriented coupe like the DB9 is. The name and styling aren't the crazy Lambo we all know either, no insanity like the recent Aventador. If you must, build the Estoque, not this, at least that looks and 'sounds' like a Lambo...

Lamborghini can't exist anymore just making crazy for crazy sake. It was only catering for a minority years ago before Audi came along. They were more like an an Italian TVR, stunning looks but poor execution and reliability.
The SUV looks fantastic, as pointed, from all angles but not like anything else... It's actually look like 'if Lambo did an SUV' this is how it would be.
The same thing was said when Porsche took this route. Can't keep doing the same but different. I agree they need the Estoque, that will no doubt follow... Lambo needs to make money to survive and this will bring home the bacon. A Lamborghini SUV will sell very well in the Middle East, Russia, the far east and of course the US.

Looks like a 1995 Mazda 323 hatch on steroids.

i've never seen such utter ridiculous nonsense in all my entire life, honestly?

Kitsch design which is only appreciated by those who like showing off their wealth, expect it to be best selling in places like Russia, China and Saudi Arabia.

Sounds like an STD or a bit of a bloke's waterworks... "Ooh, I've got an infection in my Urus..."

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