Lamborghini Urus revealed

22 Apr, 2012 2:00pm

Storming 600bhp four-wheel-drive Lamborghini Urus has been unveiled in Beijing

Lamborghini has taken the wraps off the Urus – a stunning new SUV that promises to secure the future of the company, just as the Cayenne did for Porsche.

It’s Lamborghini’s second-ever off-roader – after the 1986 LM002 – and will come with 600bhp, four-wheel drive and a £150,000 price tag. Bosses are confident it will triple annual sales to 3,000.

The car is expected to ride on Audi’s MLB architecture, and Auto Express was granted exclusive access to it ahead of its debut at the Beijing Motor Show in China.

In terms of styling, the Urus echoes the canned Estoque saloon concept with an angular design. Bosses say it will be the world’s fastest-accelerating and best-handling SUV, although they have yet to confirm what engine will sit under the bonnet.

It could potentially use a modified version of the VW Group’s new 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 or a 6.0-litre W12. Both of these engines are used in the latest Bentley Continental GT.

Whatever engine powers the production version, Lamborghini is targeting a 0-60mph time of around four seconds. And although the company says the top speed for an SUV is “not really relevant”, it’s likely to reach well over 180mph.

Like the Aventador, the Urus uses carbon fibre for its chassis and body, and the company claims it’s 100kg lighter than even an aluminium model would be. “With this style of machine, lower weight is the new power,” said R&D boss Maurizio Reggiani.

“We can keep putting more power in, but we also aim to have the lowest CO2 emissions in the class, and lower weight can also be felt every day in the way the car handles, brakes and accelerates.”

Nods to practicality include a height-adjustable front spoiler to aid approach angles, although with its sporting dynamics, the car won’t offer Land Rover-style off-road ability.

The Urus – named after the ancestor of all domestic cattle – could be in showrooms by 2016 if feedback is positive.

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Don't think this car is safe to drive. Never mind the crash test stars, look at the hole in the middle of the front seats. It makes my male parts to shrink already.

This monstrosity is hideous. It looks like something created in Hollywood for a Terminator movie. I would imagine it would score -10 for pedestrian protection, as it would neatly carve them into slices.

Why does it seem impossible for designers to come up with a semi elegant SUV nowadays. A look back at the original X5 and series 3 Range Rover should be instructive. Think simple! Come on Lamborghini, get together with Bentley and come up with an elegant, understated design that will wow us all. Nobody objects to badge engineering on a really good base product.


lambo's are meant to come out with wacky designs, look at their past cars. with this crazy design it would be stupid to use german common sense now and decide to go with a smaller engine. stick a V12 in there!!!

perhaps they should call it the Urinator (sorry for taking the p!$$).

@greenlanddock - I normally wear trousers when driving so jewel trappage is rarely a concern.

"that promises to secure the future of the company", [.....just as the Cayenne did for Porsche. Really?? A 'truck' saved a sports car company's life??? Its nice to see they keep GROSS STUPIDITY in the family. First there was Bentley having it's 'colours' stomped on in the mud with that horrendous proposal for a SUV, and now the ugliest slash/gash design imaginable, from a company with a fine heritage of thoroughbred cars. This thing is a complete contradiction, and smacks of no more than a last-to-the-SUV party. With the dumb as drag slicks on the back, once it lets go, it will need God before 4WD as nothing weill save it, or its occupants. And Lamborghini, you are selling yourselves really short, by at least £100,000. Are they consumers at this point? Whatever, they will pay a real premium in 'ugly' money. Will someone please give Maurizio Reggiani a seriously big wake-up call. Way way way back in the '50's [??] a fellow called Colin Chapman applied common sense to cars at Lotus, with the rock solid theory that light weight cars required less power, and not that it mattered then but they clearly spewed less crap into the air. "Lower weight in the new power".....sure is, but Maurizio youre 60 years too late to imagine in your wildest dream you'd clasim some accolade for that antique pearl. You can insure it, cos you cant fix it. As Wilson notes, an outrageously dangerous and overpriced people slicer. We sure need lots of these on the roads NOT.

another 14MPG hideous, blinged-up SUV. Probably will sell well in UAE: and they can keep them there too!

At last, a car for those who find the Diablo bonfire too small

Lambo sells out by creating 'Reflux' - the star of the next Transformers movie. The sight of this will have people retching, or reaching for the Rennies.

lovely rear end. rear side view great .heart racing wow and then it goes all wrong. looks like a pokey interior i bet move driver's seat back for the ample person and it a turn into a two seater? as for the front not as bad as the bentley suv which looks like the next replacement for a london black cab. stupid small lights over large air intakes twin nose lines look like a mouth or a frog?nose needs to be longer and redesigned . yes am waiting for it to ask where is the optimus prime and transform perhaps it will be in the next movie ?might boost sells but i fear this will be another lm002 in lambos history.not as big but poor sells.

A 600 horse power in a truck that's more than in a Aston Martin DBS DB9 OR A V12 VANTAGE

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