MG6 BTCC special edition

11 Dec, 2012 4:38pm Jack Rix

Distinctive look for the MG6 special edition, celebrating MG's success in the 2012 BTCC championship

MG is celebrating its 2012 BTCC season - where its driver Jason Plato finished third overal with six race wins - with a special-edition version of the MG6 hatch.

The MG6 GT BTCC Edition starts from £16,995 and gets a matte black roof and 18-inch alloys, with a black gloss finish for the side sills, door mirrors, front and rear lower bumpers and rear spoiler. A BTCC badge on the front grille, bonnet decals in team colours and 'BTCC Edition' graphics on the door sills and dashboard finish off the makeover.

Standard equipment includes sat-nav, front sports seats, electric mirrors and rear parking sensors, while two exterior colours are available - Arctic White or Union Blue.

Power comes from a 158bhp 1.8-litre turbocharged petrol engine, capable of sending it from 0-62mph in 8.4 seconds and on to a top speed of 120mph.

As an extra incentive, anyone who buys the BTCC Edition before the end of the year will receive a pair of VIP hospitaility tickets to a race in 2013, which includes a grid walk, pit lane experience and a MG KX Momentum team jacket and hat.

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Looks like a cow and probably drives like one.

what do you know?

Disgrace to the MG mark. Somebody please buy this brand back and return it to the UK.

And do what with it? Take it to the ground again like Rover did in the '90s? That was owned and made in the UK. How many successful mass market car brands now are there that is solely owned by a British company?
At least MG's new owners are trying to resurrect it.

Having had a quick look at one of these a couple of months ago, I would honestly have a Skoda over this.

Tell that the the British team of designers and Engineers who came up with it...

I,m a truck driver so spend 12 hours a day driving all around the UK and I can honestly say I have never seen a MG6. The only one I,ve seen is the pair in BTC racing.

I think they sold less than 300 cars in 18 months, so that explains it! I live three miles from one of a handful of MG dealers and have seen no less than TWO on the road since they opened in early 2011. One was a hire car and the other a courtesy car!


Theres some British spirit right there, well done guys, youre the new breed.

Nevermind actually driving it in real life or visiting the Longbridge site to see and speak to the designers and engineers.

Just go on the internet and tell everyone about how crap it is.

Those folks at Longbridge dont deserve to be in work after releasing this anyway.

Why is it a disgrace? It drives and handles well and is affordable - a proper MG?!!

@ Meister: So does your mum!

Do you lot seriously think the Chinese will invest billions of pounds then walk away? No of course not. look at Kia's first effort the Pride, that was awful, the year ago we were laughing at the Rio now it out sells the Vauxhall Astra! give MG and the Chinese 5 years and I'll be laughing when they buy VW. % year I promise it will happen!

The edited version! Do you lot seriously think the Chinese will invest billions of pounds then just walk away because their first effort is not an instant hit? No of course not. Look at Kia's first effort the ‘Pride’ that was a woeful car. Ten years ago we were laughing at the not much better Kia Rio but now it out sells the Vauxhall Astra! Give MG and the Chinese 5 years and I'll be laughing when they buy VW. Give them 5 years I promise it will happen!