Must have extras - sports cars

6 Jul, 2012 1:18pm

The essential kit for sports cars

Sports cars should be about driving fun, and to maximise this you need adaptive suspension. The best systems let you optimise comfort and handling to suit your mood and are offered on everything from coupés to hot hatches. Volkswagen’s ACC and Audi’s magnetic ride are brilliant, but some rival systems aren’t as good, so try before you buy.
Slick double-clutch gearboxes and smooth eight-speed autos will also appeal to tech fans, but ensure any potential buy has steering wheel shift paddles, as these make it more fun to use.

Don’t spend on… Carbon brakes: hugely effective, but expensive and pointless if you don’t plan to drive your car on a racing track. Decals: gaudy and invariably overpriced.

Our pick: Nissan GT-R (from £74,480)
The outrageously fast GT-R has enough kit to keep any gadget lover happy. Not only does it offer a slick-shifting gearbox with steering paddles, plus a twin-turbo engine and four-wheel drive, its suspension can be set up to suit the conditions at the flick of a switch. Plus, the central control screen can be used to display everything from engine oil temperature to G-force readings. Epic in every sense.