Next Peugeot 3008: latest details

Peugeot reveals SxC front
23 Apr, 2014 5:15pm Luke Madden

Influence of Chinese market means next Peugeot 3008 will look more like an SUV than a crossover

The next-generation Peugeot 3008 will look more like a traditional SUV than a raised MPV, according to the company’s director general Maxime Picat.

The change is partly as a result of feedback from customers in the Chinese market who – according to Picat – “didn’t know what a crossover is.” Picat continued, “clearly the next 3008 will be more influenced by the Chinese market… the exterior looks will have to more like an SUV than a crossover.” Expect to see a design similar to the SXC concept, which debuted at the Shanghai Motor Show in 2011.

That should help Peugeot – along with its Chinese partner DongFeng – captialise on the success it has already seen with the 3008 in China. In 2013, it was PSA’s most profitable car in the Chinese market, selling around 50,000 units. It should also help improve the 3008’s sales in Europe, too, where compact SUV sales are still booming.

Along with its new, more rugged design expect to see a simplified and higher quality interior like the one found in the new 308. Peugeot calls it i-Cockpit and aims to do away with as many buttons as possible, making most functions available from a touchscreen. That works perfectly for the Chinese customers, too, who favour touchscreen inputs because it’s easier to type characters.

As for the powertrains, Peugeot has a range of three and four-cylinder engines currently available, which could be used in the 3008 and the brand is promising to keep improving its HYbrid4 diesel-electric system. “We will work on a mainstream hybrid, we will keep updating HYbrid4 and then around 2020 we will offer a plug-in hybrid,” said Picat.

The next-generation Peugeot 3008 should arrive in around 2016 and is expected to cost from about £18,000.