Skoda Yeti 2014 pictures

10 Jul, 2013 10:39am Jonathan Burn

Our spies have snapped the new Skoda Yeti undergoing testing in the Czech Republic

The Skoda Yeti is due to be updated for 2014, and these first spy pictures reveal it'll get a sleeker look inspired by the latest Octavia and Rapid models.

Camouflaged to look like the current car, this test mule was spotted in the Czech Republic near the manufacturer's base. We're expecting the Yeti to ditch its centrally mounted rounded lights, in favour of a less controversial design. The grille will be narrower, the bonnet more sculpted and the headlights a little more stylish. 

The daytime running lights used to be mounted in the two central headlamps but we're expecting them to move in to the headlights, with top-spec models getting a stylish new LED signature.

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The rear of the new Yeti will also see big changes with a modified bumper, newly shaped numberplate holder and LED tail-lights. The interior is likely to see improvements, too, but the engine line-up is expected to be carried over, although a stop/start system is a possibility to help reduce emissions.

The public unveiling of the Yeti is scheduled for the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, with sales expected to follow later in the year.

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I think its a shame if the Yeti adopts the Rapide/Octavia front end, as they're pretty bland, and I think the current light arrangement gives the Yeti it character. That chrome line on the top of the grille looks a bit stuck on too, but maybe the final version will be better.
Do manufacturers really have to make all their models so similar?

I feared the current Yeti marked a high water mark and they would have blandness "thrust upon them" for daring to upstage VW. Hopeefully this test mule is just that; a test mule.

OMG! and I thought the current Yeti was ****

Why wouldn't one buy a Roomster which is a lot cheaper and doesn't look any worse than this travesty of aesthetics?

Trust the twin lights stay, but they can lose the chrome snout.

Looks are subjective - look at Nissans current pile of crap like the squashedcow and puke and Micrap, or the italians with their 500L, XL, QUBO, DOBLO, MITO, GIULIETTA etc. Remember this is a test mule - i.e. disguised! Also remember the current one has led the class from launch to present, this is just a facelift.

Still like a van with windows then. It wants for 'styling' akin to the Kia.
You might just as well buy a Brelingo, it's cheaper and probably has more room a versitility.

Lol, Yeti is about 100 classes above the Berlingos, Qubos, Doblos, etc. I'd rather pay the extra for a YETI and have the reknowned build quality and Tonka looks, than the cheap looking tat from Fiat, Citroen, Kia et al.

Just as well we don't all like the same thing then! To me the Roomster is a very odd looking beast indeed and comes with the decidedly "Ho-hum" VW Group 1.6l diesel as well. I believe you have experience of this power unit in other Skoda products so you will know what I mean.

A Berlingo certainly has more space than a Yeti. A friend of mine bought one for this reason. The PSA 1.6l diesel is better than the VW Group one also although I gather the latter's 2litre unit is okay.