Toyota Prius recall: 5,000 UK cars affected

Toyota recalls 5000 Prius models in the UK
5 Jun, 2013 11:04am Chris Ebbs

Toyota is to recall 5,000 Prius models due to a potential braking fault

Toyota is recalling 4,947 third generation Prius models in the UK due to a potential braking fault. A total of 242,000 cars will be recalled globally due to the problem.

In a statement, the manufacturer said: “In accordance with its commitment to zero tolerance for quality issues or concerns, Toyota has today registered a recall through the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) for a number of its current (third generation) Prius models.”

The issue concerns the brake pressure accumulator, which consists of a metal plunger containing brake fluid, encased in a metal housing. The plunger has metal bellows beneath it sealing nitrogen gas between the plunger and the housing.

Toyota says there is a possibility of a fatigue crack developing in the bellows. If this happens, nitrogen gas could leak into the brake fluid and cause the pedal travel to increase and reduce braking force.

Should the fault occur, a warning light will appear on the driver’s dashboard. If this happens, Toyota has warned that the car should not be driven.

The manufacturer says that it has had two reports of the problem in the UK, and 93 worldwide. However, there have been no accidents or injuries related to the issue.

Models affected by the recall were built between March and October 2009, with owners of the cars contacted by Toyota in the coming weeks.

Customer can also check whether their car is involved in the recall using a registration look-up function in the owners section of the Toyota website at

Owners affected will be asked to make an appointment with their nearest dealer, while the maker claims that the work will take between three and three-and-a-half hours.

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